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Vietnamese Landscapes Paintings 
sabato, 31 maggio, 2014, 15:47 - Generale
Painter Phan Thu Trang, Hanoi-native, paints very beautiful paintings of the city and the nature of Northern villages in Vietnam. She works different seasons according to different color code and brings a lot of texture and relief to her little scenes.

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Home by Dachi Papuashvili 
venerdì, 30 maggio, 2014, 17:13 - Generale
Here is a house created by Dachi Papuashvili covered with wood, producing all the energy necessary for solar energy, and recovering rainwater. The artist has created a place both peaceful in harmony with nature and natural materials.

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Matisse Colorful Beach Club 
giovedì, 29 maggio, 2014, 17:26 - Generale
Oldfield Knott Architects has recently built the Matisse Beach Club in a suburb of Perth, in front of Scarborough in Australia. Coloful and contemporary, this club is filled with beautiful palm trees and a very aesthetic design made of neon lights. A very pleasant place for a couple breaststrokes.

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Crianças pousam avião da Turkish Airlines 
mercoledì, 28 maggio, 2014, 21:15 - Generale
No filme da Lowe Istanbul para a companhia aérea crianças constroem uma pista de voo rústica, ressaltando a admiração por voar

A nova campanha da Turkish Airlines, criada pela Lowe Istanbul, pretende promover a paixão pela aviação com crianças empenhadas em construir uma pista de voo. O filme mostra processo de construção do espaço rudimentar projetado pelo grupo cujo sonho é realizar um pouso em um terreno de uma pequena vila na Turquia.

A campanha produzida pela Filmpark, não usou atores e demorou três meses para ser gravada.

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Spencer Tunick Photography 
martedì, 27 maggio, 2014, 21:08 - Generale
American photographer Spencer Tunick takes very conceptual nude bodies photos in nature, in majestic places such as museums or theaters and in cities. Lined up, piled up or beautifully arranged, he pays a tribute to bodies and harmony.

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