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Arvak Bicycle 
martedì, 30 settembre, 2014, 12:33 - Generale
This bicycle named Arvak is a creation of French design studio Keim. With the collaboration of the workshop Breitfuss Arvak is a bike that has a hollow monocoque frame made of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to develop the best quality of the material.

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Pen and Ink Drawings by Philip Frank 
lunedì, 29 settembre, 2014, 11:06 - Generale
Here is a drawing series in pen and ink made by the artist Philip Frank. Entitled “The Body in Conflict with the Scientific Paradigm”, the series subtly denounces the limitless of science exploration and biotechnology development to the detriment of health. Guided by his imagination and the message he is trying to get across, the artist presents surreal, even fantastic works.

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Surreal Photography by Christopher J 
domenica, 28 settembre, 2014, 11:31 - Generale
Inspired by fantastic novels style, Californian photographer Christopher J made a series of surreal images. By using the double exposure technique he skillfully handles, this artist gives to his photographs a magical and dark atmosphere.

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iSlave 6: SACOM vs Apple 
sabato, 27 settembre, 2014, 10:34 - Generale

In occasione del lancio dei nuovi iPhone, a Hong Kong i manifestanti della Sacom (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior) hanno dato vita ad un blitz per puntare il dito contro le condizioni di lavoro di chi costruise gli smartphone per conto di Apple.

I manifestanti hanno esposto uno striscione sulla parte superiore di un Apple Store, che si affaccia su importanti vie di comunicazione in una zona di forte passaggio e grande visibilità. Il messaggio gioca con il nuovo slogan usato da Apple per l’iPhone (“iPhone 6, Bigger than bigger”), diventato per l’occasione “iSlave 6 Harsher than Harsher” seguito dalla foto dello smartphone e dalla dicitura “Still made in sweatshop”, sostenendo insomma che i dispositivi sono fabbricati in veri e propri “laboratori clandestini”.

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Colorful Paper Sculptures 
venerdì, 26 settembre, 2014, 15:57 - Generale
Fascinated by the paper and all the creative possibilities that this material offers, the artist Yulia Brodskaya whose the work was the object of an article previously, creates beautiful colorful compositions by using glue and cut paper. Between sculptures and illustrations, her creations are very graphic and performed with an admirable precision.

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