Pop Culture Heroes in Chocolate 

Artist Henry Hargreaves, who has always played with food, just released his new pop culture series, combining his passion for Star Wars’ figurine’s packagings and food art. Like Han Solo who ended frozen with carbonite in “Empire Strikes Back”, he wanted to make trophies in chocolate to freeze the heroes of his childhood: Batman, Indiana Jones, Woody, Hulk and also Homer Simpson.

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The Bigger Picture of Album Covers 
Web design company Aptitude wanted to revolt against the digital music distribution which neglects the importance of album’s artworks. They created a series entitled “The Bigger Picture” : funny images that illustrates the rest of the decor of famous album’s covers

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Commando Creative Collages 
In his series “Commando Creative”, French creative Mister Blick takes famous war photographs to make flowers’ collages. Amaryllis and tulips replace the bazookas and guns of the soldiers in black and white ; the American flag of the Iwo Jima battle becomes a big pink flower that the soldiers raise proudly. A poetic way to soften the violence and the bullets with a few petals.

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3D Evil Model from Movies 
“Halloween Countdown” is a series of figurines made by animation studios English A Large Evil Corporation. From Shining to A Clockwork Orange, through Freddy, these figurines are timely as we approach the day during terror sows, Halloween .

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Michael Murphy’s Installations 
American artist Michael Murphy creates very beautiful contemporary and complex installations made with a lot of elements which shape a homogeneous piece when they’re gathered. If we move a bit, a cross could become simple suspensions of objects and symbolic portraits.

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