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      • Solvesborg Bridge Design
        Sölvesborg Bridge, with a length of 756 meters, is the pedestrian bridge offering the longest ride and is therefore the longest in Europe. With a bridge signed by Ljusarkitektur lighting with very successful LEDs design, offers a design that is both simple and modern all being consistent with its en

      • Impressive Photos of Baby Animals
        For “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb” documentary on National Geographic Channel, producer Peter Chinn used ultrasons’ scans and tiny cameras to capture different baby animals in wombs.

      • Velocicletta – The first cool electrified bike
        These e-bikes are made from restored, customized and electrified Italian vintage bike.

        Moving in an ecological, economic and sustainable way, but always with style. A Velocicletta makes it possible.

        A solid, stylish and timeless vehicle, as only a vintage bicycle can be. A tech

      • The Glint
        French director Mathieu Maury has directed this poetic video on Guillaume Drapier, founder of Comete Motocycles. The biker is going all over French coasts, in the middle of fields, after making his motocycle in his workshop. A beautiful direction to discover in the next part of the article.
      • Veronica Beach House
        The Veronica beach house was built in the city of Lima, in Peru, by the American architect Luis Longhi. It mixes round and square shapes with different smooth or stony matters. Light comes into the house perfectly through bay windows.

      • Amazing 3D Pencils Drawings
        After an amazing illustrations’ project, Belgian artist Ben Heine is back with a perception game in 3D produced only with a pencil and a big blank sheet. When he draws, the artist brings a new dimension to a flat surface which makes us want to be immersed in his black and white universe.

      • The City of Samba
        Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli were able to create this time-lapse of success during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Very well executed, this video shows the Brazilian city with its best face through the music of Jarbas Agnelli.

      • Most Beautiful Villages Around The World
        Focus on the most beautiful villages around the world, from Mali to Tibet, including Iran. This photos’ selection was made by different photographers from all around the world where colors and architectures meet or contrast with each other, depending on their standards of living.


      • Wheeling Guarujá KbÇa Stunt Rider – Video Promo
        We follow a day of training and presentation of Pilot Wheeling
        Kbça StuntRider from Guaruja in Gym Guaibê, a lot of agility and little support from whom should give, the athlete has come perfecting their techniques and exudes extreme maneuvers in your workouts

      • Mulher sem retoque também é sexy
        Marca de lingeries lança campanha com meninas normais no lugar de modelos; peças não contém Photoshop

        A marca de lingerie American Eagle inovou em sua nova campanha publicitária. As peças mostram fotos de meninas comuns e não modelos, o que já é uma novidade. Mas, além disso, a marca pref

      • Red Bull Rampage 2013
        Recently, the 2013 edition of Red Bull Rampage proposed in Utah desert the most impressive mountain bike competition. An edition won this year by Kyle Strait whose greatest moments have been brought together in a video to discover below.

      • Star Wars Toys Look Like Real
        After the When Lego meets Star Wars project, here is the rest of the series illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki featuring toys and Star Wars ships of her child over the years and in real life. A very realistic rendering with “Star Wars Toys Look Like Real” to discover in detail later.

      • White Whales Performance
        Photographer Lintao Zhang managed to capture these beautiful images at a show on January 7th at Harbin Pole Aquarium in China. A real choreography between divers and two belugas.

      • Hand Portraits by David Cata
        To answer in his way to the question “Does love hurt?” The Spanish artist David Cata uses his own body as canvas, and reproduct the faces of those who have influenced his actions and his world. A position between artistic and painful experience to discover more images in practice, followed by a vide

      • 3D Street Art by Aakash Nihalani
        The artist Aakash Nihalani presents new works of street art, playing with talent to imagine our perception to create optical illusions.

      • Ipanema reúne time de peso em campanha

        A Africa criou uma nova campanha para Ipanema que reúne um time de peso para destacar a alma feminina e o verão. Os filmes com as atrizes Fernanda Paes Leme e Giovana Ewbank têm trilha composta pela dobradinha entre Monobloco e Roberta Sá eainda Bebel Gilberto e Gabriel Moura. As cenas f

      • Toyota FT1 Concept-Car
        Japanese brand Toyota presents this stunning concept car FT-1, which was recently presented at Detroit event. Pretending to honor the sports coupé Supra, this creation with nerve lines impressed and will be offered soon in the latest Gran Turismo video game.

      • New York Through the Eyes of a Bicycle
        Designer Tim Sklyarov wanted to combine his love for photography than his preferred mode of transport: the bicycle. The result gives us images of an unusual ride in New York, offering a unique view of the city.

      • Opinião ganha outro significado
        Atriz Maria Clara Gueiros explica segredos por trás de uma simples opinião

        A Havaianas estreia mais uma campanha apostando no bom humor dos personagens com criação da AlmapBBDO. Desta vez a atriz Maria Clara Gueiros, conhecida por papéis de comédia, pede a opinião de um surfis

      • Lego Simpsons Set
        While we talked about Moleskine notebooks Simpsons for the 25th anniversary of the series, here reveals this Lego set specially designed to illustrate the home of the most famous American family. Friendly creations to play with characters from the imagination of Matt Groening.

      • Endorphin by Supakitch
        “Endorphin” is a project featuring the artist and tattooist Supakitch. Offering complete 10 tattoo sessions in 10 cities of the world on the same model, this first video invites us to discover the first tattoo High Line Standard Hotel in New York. A realization signed Damien “Elroy” Vignaux to disco

      • Napoli Metro Station
        The new station Toledo art was designed by the architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca for the Napoli subway system. With this sea of blue Bisazza mosaics thougth by William Kentridge, travelers can go to a place to discover beautiful design in the future.

      • All or Nothing
        Entre as coisas bem vindas que recebi, eu reconheci minhas cores nela… Então… eu me vi! Horas dos dias, semanas, meses, anos, décadas e séculos; milênios que vão passar. Água-marinha põe estrelas no mar… Praias, baías, braços, cabos, mares, golfos e penínsulas e oceanos que não vão secar…

      • Aston Martin DBC Concept
        Samir SADIKHOV, designer originally from Azerbaijan, offers 3D images of stunning quality of a concept car Aston Martin DBC. It was inspired by the race car DBR1 to imagine this concept with impressive design highlighted by a 3D rendered beautiful effect.

      • Soundtrack of your Life
        Quotidian Records is a project by the artist Brian House, which is based on his location data during one year in order to create a vinyl. Each location is associated with a harmony making everyday a source of rhythm and music.

      • Viks Steel Tube Bike
        Developed by the Estonian engineer Indrek Narusk and owner of Velonia, this prototype will be out in April according to its creator. A super design bike, which one of the features is to be built symmetrically around two stainless steel tubes.

      • Alexandre Beltechi
        Here are several series of typesetting artist Alexandre Beltechi, which can be found on his portfolio. This artist, based in Oradea, Romania, is also the publisher of PSDTUTS +. A comprehensive selection of his work in the following section.

      • Favelado
        This report was produced by Alexis Pazoumian. Six months of immersion in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, including the Cidade de Deus and Rocinha. A special atmosphere, knowing that the local police would start operations peacekeeping. The objective of this work was to give an intimate and global vie

      • 2015 Lamborghini Huracan
        Lamborghini recently created the event by announcing the launch of a new model, the Huracan, the name given to a fighting bull in the 19th century. With a new 5.2-liter V10 engine of 601 horses, this Lamborghini Huracan 2015 offers an aggressive and sleek lines of the most beautiful effect.
      • Hunger White
        Image created with my friends resembling the protests against corruption all over the world. Original Illustration: Renan Porto Photo: Fernando Filho Stylish and MUA: Andrea Mafer Production: Helena Lopes Soraya Marx as “Hunger White” Creative Retouching: Milton Menezes (Lightfarm Studios) Location

      • Vans NYC Trip
        Vans has decided to team up with the site TheDiggest for the first time with this video called Vans BMX NYC Trip. A few weeks ago, Alex Valentino, Kevin Kalkoff Dandois and Matthias went to New York to enjoy the best spots in the Big Apple.

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