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      • 'I'm A Boxer' Video Is A Powerful Response To Sexism In Sports

        "Don't call me a female boxer. I'm a boxer."

        These are the words spoken by a young athlete, who, like many girls, wants an equal playing field when it comes to sports.

        In a powerful commercial made by Everlast, "I'm a Boxer" addres

      • Olho mágico

        Quem disse que o famigerado “olho mágico” das portas não pode se tornar uma mídia alternativa? é claro que pode… veja esse exemplo criativissímo e dignos de um: ” Por que não pensei nisso antes?”

      • Mãos poderosas

        Lavar a louça, limpar a casa com os diversos produtos de limpeza ou manusear produtos químicos, pode causar alergias ou outras complicações na pele.

        E a solução sem dúvida alguma é usar luvas de proteção. Para promover a marca de luvas Yeling, a agência Filadélfia, de Belo Hor

      • Depois do “Jingle balls” agora é vez do “Jingle Bellies”

        Ano passado a rede de lojas americana Kmart causou um pouco de polêmica nessa época de festejos natalinos ao criar uma versão diferenciada de “Jingle Bells” para promover a linha de cuecas Joe Boxer, surgindo assim o “Jingle Balls”

        Já esse ano, eles usaram outra parte do corpo

      • Beach Art by Jben

        “Pictures are worth a thousand words”. Here are the French artist’s words J.Ben alias Benjamin Jehan who, having devoted himself to sculpture sand, is gradually devoted to a something larger, beach art or sand art. A nice way to remember this is sometimes the greatest works that require

      • Kamasutra metropolitano

        La passione, si sa, prende all'improvviso e non sempre si ha a disposizione un luogo adeguato. Per gli amanti travolti dal desiderio, e per tutti quelli che vogliono sperimentare qualcosa di nuovo, è stato redatto il primo manuale illustrato di Kamasutra Metropolitano, posizioni se

      • Responsible Young Drivers: Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter

        Snapchat / Facebook / Twitter has no place on the road. Using the phone while driving is responsible of 1 accident in 10.

      • Mixed Object and Illustrations

        Artist and illustrator based in New York, Christoph Niemann sharing every Sunday his experiments on Instagram. The concept : mixing illustrations and everyday objects. In this way, Christoph incredibly gives life to these objects and reveals his way of seeing the world.

      • Ristorante Dell'Anima: ink

        Work of art in real squid ink. Just like linguine al nero sepia.

        This project was designed in order to promote the "Linguine al sepia nero" dish, most famous for the Dell'Anima Italian restaurant. This is one of the few Italian restaurants in Lisbon that uses re

      • Ordinary People into Super Athletes Photography

        Photographer based in Montreal, Benjamin Von Wong recently conducted a series of shots to transform unknown people into super-athletes. The artist used “Hollywood-level lighting”. The result is impressive and we almost would become a super athlete in a jiffy.

      • Gigantic Street Mural Paintings

        Italian artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, known as Millo, paints large-scale murals. He uses simple black and white lines with dashes of color, and often incorporates elements of architecture into his multi-story paintings.

      • Famous People Portraits

        Andy Gotts photographer captures portraits of international famous people. Most of the time in black and white, the model poses as he wishes : happy, serious, contorted or laughing, these famous actors and musicians appear spontaneous though this touching series.

      • Hybrid Objects Series

        Haris Jusovic is a graphic designer who design digital hybrid sculptures composed with daily objects. Here he has imagined a series of shoes and chairs using a bird, a phone, food or a wine glass.

      • Por que você precisa de duas pernas?

        Essa ação de guerrilha do MINI não se encaixaria em qualquer lugar, mas com certeza no Festival Internacional de Horror de Lisboa ela fez sucesso.

        Para promover a versão automática do MINI, a agência Normajean criou uma perna cortada hiperrealista e expõs jogada no saquão de e

      • Slo Down Wines: Strippers/Vacuumers, Boxers/Furries

      • Autoreferenzialità e metacomunicazione

      • Street Art by Charles Leval

        The French street artist based in Paris Charles Leval makes beautiful drawings in black and white that he subtly integrates with urban structures he uses as essential elements of his works, a support freely available.

      • Diabetes Brasil: Tattoo

      • Food Illustration by Anna Keville Joyce

        Anna Joyce Keville is a designer Illustrator from the United States and currently based in Buenos Aires. She works as a freelance and creates food illustrations for artistic or commercial use. Her way of arranging the food made us completely forget the origin of the raw materials she use

      • Extreme Sport Photography by Chris Burkard

        Chris Burkard is a self-taught Californian photographer. Extreme sport enthusiast, he primarily draws his inspiration in the ocean and the mountains, real playground that become elegantly photogenic through the artist’s lense.

      • Buddha Birthday Lantern Festival

        Focus on this incredible light installation that took place in the occasion of Buddha’s birthday in may 2013 at the Samgwangsa temple in Busan. Thousands of lotus-shaped lanterns glide above the sacred place, symbol of wisdom. An exceptional and colorful event!

      • Baleia House With a Grass Field Rooftop

        The Baleia Houses are modern homes built by the Studio Arthur Casas in front of the beach of Baleia, in Brazil, near São Paulo. The flat roofs are set like terraces with pool area and grass fields, in the middle of an abondant vegetation in order to preserve the inhabitants’ privacy.

      • Flowers Fireworks

        For the new year, Berliner artist Sarah Illenberger, who loves creating with food, drew her inspiration from the floral art. In her series “Flowerwork”, she has put many plants and flowers’ petals to give them the shape of floral fireworks on a black background.

      • Skyscrapers Reflections in Korea

        Busan’s port, located in South Korea offer an interesting urban panorama. When the night falls, skyscrapers lights reflect in the still water. This impressive mirror effect tempt photographers, that come in turns to capture this changing colors cityscape.

      • Army of Melting Ice Sculptures

        Brazilian street artist Nele Azevedo is famous for her tiny ice sculptures. In the form of a thousand faceless ice men figurines installed on stairs all around the world, these silhouettes transform into a dramatic installation when they begin to melt on the ground.

      • Creativity with Food

        Every day during the month of March, the Malaysian architect and artist Hong-Yi will post on her Instagram a photo of plates decorated with beautifully different foods, offering creations very successful referring to classic paintings.

      • Realistic Old Polished Cars Paintings

        Paintings of Cheryl Kelley artist look extra-ordinary so much they are realistic. In this series, the artist has painted fragments of old cars such as Cadillac and Mustang perfectly polished. Indeed, lights and colors effect are so well finished that car body shine as if it was brand new

      • Gun Sculpture Made with Cheese Puffs

        This is a completely wacky sculpture made by Iranian artist Sharareh Khosravani. Designed from puffed cheese balls, the shaped-gun work is entitled “Warning”. Real contrast between violence and humor.

      • SAAQ - Social guerrilla

        Against a car, a pedestrian has no chance!

      • Vintage Photo-Collages Featuring Natural Elements

        In her series “Natural Act”, Turkish photographer Merve Özaslan makes imaginative collages mixing vintage black and white photographs with colorful landscapes and natural elements. Through a window, we can see fish under water ; on women’s swimsuits, a forest is drawn ; and on a building

      • Pilot House in Norway

        Design studio Snøhetta, whose we already have talked about, has built the “Pilot House” in the city of Larvik, in Norway. The originality of this pavilion is in the facade and rooftop with sloped photovoltaic panels. This house offers a minimalist interior mixing bricks and wood.

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