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      • SAS new destinations

        For the launch of 16 new destinations, Scandinavian Airlines placed creative ambients in various bus stops. Each billboard represented an aircraft window and each time someone pulled the window down, a new destination appeared.

      • Worst Harlem Shake ever!

        The association Vereniging Parkinson decided to use the famous web phenomenon Harlem Shake to get its message across. In the video, during the verse, you see a man shaking in a cafeteria. When the chorus starts, the man passes out and one can read "Shaking. Fun for some. Daily strug

      • Export con radici italiane” L’essenza firmata Paglieri

        Gli amministratori delegati Barbara e Debora Paglieri: in Usa e Cina ci stiamo consolidando.


        Bionde come Melanie Griffith nel film «Una donna in carriera». E loro carriera e spirito imprenditoriale l’hanno nel dna: Debora e Barbara, c

      • Facebook Holiday

        Cape Town has a lot to offer. However many pieces of information about the city can't be found on the Internet. The office of tourism had to find a way for tourists to discover all the unexpected things about Cape Town. They therefore decided to send people's Facebook profiles

      • 10 regole per un utilizzo efficace di LinkedIn

        Negli ultimi mesi, sempre più aziende investono per aumentare la loro presenza online su LinkedIn; il presupposto è che una rete più "professionale" attira utenti "premium" e porta vantaggi al business.
        Confrontando Linkedin con Facebook, la prima considerazione che e

      • Havaianas na Austrália

        O que vocês acham dessa ideia de Havaianas na Austrália?

      • Worldwide Expansion for WP LAVORI IN CORSO: an ambitous marketing plan to grow globally

        Bologna-based WP Lavori in Corso founded in 1982 by Giuseppe Calori and his daughter Cristina, now president and CEO, will continue its 30th anniversary celebrations throughout 2013 taht began with a party held in Florence in June 2012 during Pitti Uomo to mark the acquisition of Baracut

      • Playstation: touch both sides

        The new Playstation Vita allows you to use both sides of the device to play. With the visual above, the company will definitely get its message across.

      • Marionette robot

        How can a store in a shopping mall capture the attention of passers-by? United Arrow transformed its mannequins into marionettes imitating the movements of the store visitors via Kinect technology. By doing so, the brand could entertain the clients and provide them with a real experience

      • E dopo Instragram ecco Vine...

        I puristi delle fotografie e dei video storceranno il naso come hanno fatto alla comparsa di Instagram, pochi anni orsono.
        La nuova app che si sta rapidamente diffondendo, nato come supporto video di Twitter è Vine. Il funzionamento è semplice e unisce audio e video. Il risultato

      • Nike Make it count

        Nike transformed its YouTube commercial "Make It Count" into an motivational interactive video using wireWax, a website that enables you to tag parts of a video. The user can click on various goals and share the goals on social media in order to get support from communities.
      • Audi Halloween

        For Halloween, everybody wears a costume. Even dogs do. This year, Audi Bulgaria decided to give a chance to cars to be what they always wanted to be: an Audi. They stuck up a self-adhesive label on the front of cars with the Audi logo and an "I'm Audi" plate.

      • The Carnival Election Party

        Political campaign or carnival announcement? Cool guerilla action in Italy against politicians!

      • Baby

        Probably the most WTF ad you'll see today! Seems like driving a Citroen is like heaven!

      • Nivea Stresstest

        Nivea organized a stunt in a German airport to promote Nivea Deo Stress Protect. They took a picture of a random passenger and used the pictures (in magazine, on TV, etc.) as if he/she was researched by the police. At the end, security men showed up with a suitcase and presented the stre

      • Footrest

        Dish is a TV network that allows watching live and recorded TV everywhere. To demonstrate this, the company launched a commercial where you can see different people watching TV from different spots in the house; the bathroom, the kitchen, the stairs, etc. Each time using a footrest... Th

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