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      • Skol lança ovo de páscoa de cerveja e chocolate trufado

        A Skol juntou duas paixões clássicas dos brasileiros, cerveja e chocolate, pra criar uma inovação: um ovo de páscoa de chocolate trufado com Skol no recheio. O produto, que foi chamado de “Redondinho”, foi feito em parceria com a chocolateria Folie e terá edição limitada de kits que serã

      • Sex, ____ & Rock’n'Roll

        Un festival rock senza droghe? Sembra quasi una contraddizione. Conosciamo tutti il famoso mantra degli anni ’60: Sesso, droga e rock’n'roll.

        E fin dalla prima gloriosa edizione nel 1985 – con la leggendaria prestazione dei Queen – Rock in Rio è sempre stato uno dei

      • The Social Home Tour

        Come mixare i social network con un progetto immobiliare di condomini lussuosi a Rio de Janeiro?

        C’è poco da fare: il mercato immobiliare non è molto eccitante, a livello creativo è piuttosto stantio, e tutti gli agenti immobiliari promettono sempre le stesse cose.

      • Coca-Cola “Happiness refill”

        This never before seen Coke machine is being installed in the Coca-Cola Concept Store on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro. The Happiness Refill appears to be a modern-looking Soda Machine, but it isnât. Instead of a cup, the consumer presses his mobile phone against the ta

      • Polaroid (Finally) Launches iPhone App

        Speaking of Polaroid, the ailing-but-once-awesome instant photo company has come out with its own iPhone app. And guess what? It’s yet another Instagram clone, only it’s not free and it even has extra in-app purchases.

        The app is called Polamatic, and it lets you snap photos,

      • Official Paramount video for Star Trek Into Darkness promo event during Earth Hour in London

      • Pilao Coffee: Alarm clock app

        Pilao Coffee is a traditional Saralee’s brand coffee in Brazil. To promote their new 5 flavors they made an alarm clock app. Now you are going to wake up in a different and exciting way. There are 30 alarm clocks divided into 5 different flavours: Classic: you can wake up lik

      • I nostri servizi

        01) Business Plan
        02) Marketing Plan
        03) Matrice crescita-quota di mercato relativa
        04) Matrice Attrattività-Competitività
        05) Analisi SWOT
        06) Indicazioni dell'analisi di portafoglio delle attività
        07) Strategie di sviluppo di base
        08) Strategie d

      • Campanha publicitária a favor do meio ambiente

        A Hora do Planeta, ato simbólico no qual governos, empresas e população demonstram a sua preocupação com o aquecimento global.

      • A flavour of Brazilian advertising

        Everyone knows about Brazil’s growth in the last few years. Part of the BRIC, a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, Brazil and the others are deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development.

        Some specialists

      • Women's Shampoo

        Look what women's shampoo can do to you! :-)
        Seems like long hair for men has become a statement in advertising! Remember this ad for Citroen?

      • A Magia do Mundo dos Negócios
        A empresa de sorvetes Kibon dá um SHOW nessa campanha... Assistam o video...

      • Headlight Message

        Car accidents happen mostly by night. To warn drivers about the dangers, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation organized a guerilla action and placed stickers on cars' headlights. The stickers had the shape of an afraid passer-by with the message "Watch out, accidents happen mos

      • Social Farter

        This is a PSA for the Canadian government to make people aware that social smoking is smoking and that it is as ridiculous as social farting. Don't know if the use of WTF will make people think about the issue... What's sure is that it catches our attention :-)

      • Corona: Drink responsibly

        Nowadays it is fashionable to organize stunts in movie theaters to get a message across. Corona wanted to tell its target market to drink responsibly. To do so, the company, in collaboration with Sony, blurred the opening credits of the movie Django Unchained. After a few minutes, the au

      • Orangina: stay alive

        Orangina is back with two brand new TV commercials featuring their now famous human animals. As always, the brand plays with offbeat humor and WTF. Do you like it?

      • Afrika Kicker

        The relief organisation MISEREOR is always looking for new ways to promote its, "2 Euros Help" initiative. Table Football for Africa is an interactive donation box in the form of a table football game, complete with all the adversities you might expect at a typical

      • Instant advertising by Heineken

      • Scontro tra editori per il dominio .book

        Datemi quattro lettere e scatenerò l’inferno! E’ una vera e propria contesa quella per il controllo degli indirizzi Internet che includono le parole «.book», «.author» e «.read».
        I market sharer più importanti come Amazon e Google, hanno presentato all’Internet Corporation for Assi

      • Chery Brasil
        Chega de andar de carro pelado! De pegar folheto no farol pra se abanar no calor, de chegar no trabalho com aquela pizza debaixo do braço, de desembaçar o para-brisa com a mão e ter que abrir o vidro pra arrumar o retrovisor. É hora de dar um basta!

      • See the city in a new light

        Nice installation representing Melbourne's skyline using cables. The objective of the campaign was to convince tourists to visit the city during the winter. The idea is simple and the outcome is just great.

      • Dove cria app de mensagens para promover autoestima feminina

        A Dove criou um app em sua fanpage que permite às internautas compartilharem mensagens positivas e que destacam a autoestima feminina. Para isso, elas devem visitar a página da empresa e acessar o aplicativo da marca. Lá terão a opção de escolher uma das frases positivas relacionadas à b

      • Easy morning

        All of us know how hard it is to get up in the morning, right? To introduce new breakfast menus, McDonald's Germany created this TV commercial, "Easy Morning", to show how easy it is to start the day with McDonald's.

      • Emma

        Why we will always need paper! :-)

      • Il concetto di organizzazione aziendale

        L’impresa presso la quale lavori è certamente un’organizzazione che può influenzare in maniera decisiva il tuo modo di lavorare e quello dei tuoi colleghi, clienti, ecc.
        Anche il Comune presso il quale fai i certificati anagrafici o chiedi la concessione edilizia è un’organizzazione

      • The secret diary of a call girl

        How to promote a new TV series for free on the radio and have an impact on the daily conversations?

        For the launch of the series "Secret diary of a call girl", the TV network Prime organized a stunt in an apartment in front of the More FM studios, with a sexy call gi

      • The everyday dangers of a hemophiliac

        Clever ambient in a magazine for the Swiss Hemophilia Association. The purpose is to make people aware of the constraint of being a hemophiliac on a daily basis. Good job!

      • Thought before action

        Dove always celebrated the power of real beauty; real women with real shapes. Dove developed a Photoshop add-ons that tagged at art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers and whose message was "don't manipulate our perceptions of real beauty". Each time the targ

      • Tug Toner

      • The Coke Chase

        Showgirls, badlanders or cowboys? Who will win the Coke on Game Day? Here's Coca Cola new Super Bowl campaign for 2013. A teaser campaign invites people to go on a website and vote for their favorite team. The user can then disturb and sabotage the chase of the other teams. In order

      • La vita in 5 secondi

      • BOOMBUZ the new international brand!
        BOOMBUZ is a new international brand headquartered in Vienna (Austria) with the aim to leave a sustainable impact on the modern footwear market. Through its vision BOOMBUZ created a world innovation: shoes solely made of natural and pollutant-free components. 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable.

      • Virtual Subway

        The giant Subway is back with a gaming experience, à la Sim City, to recruit talented entrepreneurs. Participants are invited to build their own Subway store, train, operate and promote it on a dedicated web platform. As they go through the different steps of the game, players gain point

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