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      • Joseph Ford for Sneakers Magazine
        British photographer Joseph Ford produced a series of photographs for the German magazine “Sneakers” with signed shoes Lacoste, Nike, Puma, Asics and other very original: spiders, snakes, scorpions and even crocodile pose in front of the goal, and tackle shoes. Check out the video vs Lacoste crocodi

      • Air France Campaign
        BETC agency and Argentinian photographers Sofia & Mauro have collaborated together to create the new AIR France campaign which takes “Air France, France is in the air” as a new slogan. The posters look like fashion photos and are attached to smart and funny sentences.

      • Portraits of Kids Submerged Underwater
        With the help of some very creative children, Alix Martinez has drawn portraits of children, not on land, but submerged under water. The artist comes up with fun and imagination to recreate scenes sports like golf, football and tennis.

      • Festka Bike by Tomski & Polanski
        At the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Charlotte, USA, the Czech brand Festka unveiled its Urban Bike Zero customized for the occasion by the illustrators Tomski & Polanski. A model that combines fantasy, elegance and performance at a price of $ 8,900.

      • A propaganda mexicana que chocou o mundo
        O objetivo do vídeo era mostrar os dias normais de pessoas adultas com crianças no lugar vivendo no mundo do crime, egoísmo, intrigas e conflitos… A ideia deu tão certo que o vídeo ‘viralizou’ por toda web. Adultos do mundo inteiro pararam para assistir e refletir.

        O vídeo acaba com a fr

      • Blue Wave House in Australia
        Belgian architect F2 Architecture has built the house “The Pole House”, up in the air, on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Above the road, we can admire the coast and the Australian sea from the balcony or the bay windows. A pleasant and idyllic architecture.

      • Iconic Bands Recreated in LEGO

        Malaysian Lego lover Lego, Adly Syairi Ramly presented a series of 20 Lego models which have been remade according to music bands: The Beatles, Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Joy Division and Foo Fighters and othet well-done 20 bands.

      • Pepsi Unbelievable Bus Shelter
        To promote their brand, Pepsi Max decided to trap London awaiting bus. Avenue New Oxford Street, a camera was placed in a bus stop shooting across the street in real time as if there was a window, except that false images are apparaîtres. A tiger comes in their direction, a meteorite crashed or a mo

      • Ricola e il concerto della tosse
        Siamo in Germania all’interno di un Auditorium, poco prima dell’inizio dell’esibizione di una pianista tra i presenti in sala ce ne sono alcuni che iniziano a tossire, in modo sempre più frequente col passare dei secondi.

        Quello che sembra un tossire spontaneo si trasforma ben presto in u

      • Louis Vuitton – Emprise
        For his jewerly and watches campaign, Louis Vuitton asked Slowdance and Surface To Air Studio to direct a beautiful video called “Emprise” and entirely made on a mise en abyme. With a song by Gesaffelstein – “Aleph”, the video takes us into the elegant brand’s universe.

      • National Geographic – Stay Curious
        For its new campaign designed by The Classic Partnership Advertising, the monthly magazine National Geographic naturally chose to highlight the plurality of its editorial line. There he mixed flora, fauna and historical facts about a giant question mark. Thus emphasizing the signature of the campaig

      • Breakdancer at Famous Paris Landmarks
        The hip-hop dancer performs Kapstand experience of balancing on one hand while photographing before all the most beautiful buildings of Paris. The technique involves stopping the moving body for perfect balance. The vertical line of the body is aligned with the vertical line of the building.
      • Upper West Side Architecture
        In the Upper West Side of Melbourne Mim Design Studio redesigned an old power station into a new space with bright colors. Choice of mixing retro colors with modern lighting is a very good idea for a successful result.

      • The Empire State Building Made from Bicycle Tracks
        Creative minds from 100 Copies drew the Empire State Building from wheels of bicycles with the ink printing on the paper. Printed in only 100 copies, they have used 7 different kinds of bicycles for this monument drawing. The “Cyclist Empire” is to discover in the next part of the article.

      • Brasile: La Madonna piange sangue, stop alla violenza sulle donne
        Nel corso degli ultimi anni sono stati molti i casi in cui i telegiornali e i giornali di tutto il mondo si sono interessati a fenomeni "inspiegabili" di matrice religiosa, statue di Madonne che piangono lacrime di sangue su tutti.

        In Brasile l’associazione Ligue 180 ha utilizza

      • The Crazy Swing At Casa Del Arbol
        After different kinds of swings on Fubiz, this little house was built before the stunning views of the volcano Tungurahua. But the real attraction is attached to the swing of the branches of the tree. Dubbed “The crazy swing”, this swing is located at the exit of a cliff more than 8350 feet above se

      • Floating Skate Ramp in Lake Tahoe
        Bob Burnquist has skated on all the imaginable surfaces. For Visit California and their campaign “Dream Big”, the rampbuilder Jeff King and his design team composed by 300 people have decided to build a floating ramp, on the water of the Lake Tahoe. An amazing sports performance is to discover in vi

      • Velo Work Art by Vutheara
        The french photographer Vutheara showcases works Kooples and Cyklop who adds bikes art for the benefit of road safety. Unique creations, which will be exhibited at Molière and sold at an auction conducted on behalf of the Road Safety Association. An event that helps to educate the public on the use

      • Tiny Wooden Figures Street Art
        The American artist Joe Iurato magnifies his paintings with talent and sense of composition. Using small wooden figures he carves and paints, he joined them in New York-style urban environments to incorporate the element and giving a different interpretation to the scene.

      • World of Red Bull 2014
        Using the song Come Get It Bae from Pharrell feat. Miley Cyrus, the new ad World of Redbull 2014 to highlight the athletes of the extreme action, with the example of Sally Fitzgibbons and Jamie O’Brien in surf or diver Orlando Duque.

      • Street Art Portraits in Sao Paulo
        Brasilian photographer Raquel Brust did a series of black and white portraits she stuck in Sao Paulo streets, under a bridge. At night, it shows a beautiful result with city lights and the lights of the cars. Her work, which reminds us of french artist JR.

      • The Art of Fighting
        Gavain Browne made this incredible documentary “The Art of Fighting” narrating the life of Hussain adiqi, an Afghan who fled the oppression of the Taliban at the end of the 20th century. After a trip around the world bringing him in Australia, his new land for over 10 years, he decided to put everyt

      • Favela Fighters
        Inside the favelas of Rio, back street fighters train their bodies and minds in a fight to stay clear of the drugs trade and become the Slum Ring King. This doc-reality, builds on the intense emotions of those that are fighting not just for a title, but for survival, in an alternative, pop and cult

      • Contemporary Residence by Arthur Casas
        Situated in a picturesque neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Alex Lerner home designed by renowned Brazilian architect Arthur Casas, is both contemporary and full of culture. It is a breathtaking creation that stands on the dome of granite.

      • Celebrities Covered in Tattoos
        Chennye Randall, artist based in Seattle imagine what celebrities, world leaders and fictional characters look like they were covered with tattoos. Handling is both shocking and amusing allowing us to see these figures in a totally different light.

      • Il diavolo neonato che terrorizza New York
        Una carrozzina da bebè viene telecomandata a distanza e mandata in giro per la città di New York, all’interno c’è un animatronic di un neonato, un neonato “posseduto” che terrorizza chiunque incuriosito si avvicina dalle sue parti.

        E’ la promozione scelta dal team di Thinkmodo per promuov

      • Inspired Tattoo Portraits: Arnaud
        ”…having something inked on my body for the rest of my life is strong and very powerful and that’s what attracts me!” Arnaud Sommier

        Read his interview here :

      • Sleep Under the Stars at South African Resort
        The Lion Sands Game Reserve, located at the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa, is a hotel which offers nights near the wild life, animals and stars. It gives you the opportunity to admire the African landscape from your bedroom or during your dinner.

      • Creative Sculptures by Eddy Prabandono
        Indonesian sculptor Eddy Prabandono we discover these zany works representing common objects or human beings, as a scooter taking the appearance of a snake, a bike with unreal dimensions, or an overly large baby head.

      • Il poster che "si muove" all’arrivo dei treni
        La tecnica era già stata utilizzata da British Airways per la sua ultima campagna di comunicazione, viene riproposta da Apotek per promuovere un prodotto per capelli.

        Sul billboard installato su una banchina di una stazione di treni, c’è l’immagine di una ragazza, sembra una fotografia, m

      • History of Music in 90 Seconds
        To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, they invite us to discover a great video Music Remains made in Abbey Road Studios, with 90 seconds showing the evolution and the great moments of music, offering musical elements that have survived throu

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