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      • Jerk Balloons

        Shauna Luedtke is an art director and a graphic designer based in Canada. She has made a very funny series called “Jerks Balloons” in which she tells messages to her ennemis by playing with a variety of typographies created by Neil Summerour, Ale Paul, Stephen Rapp and Mark Simonson.

      • Nike cria a maior "pelada" todos os tempos em comercial

        Os órfãos da premiada campanha da Nike para a Copa de 2010 (Escreva o Futuro), não se animaram muito desde o lançamento da primeira parte da campanha Arrisque Tudo para o Mundial deste ano. Entretanto, a marca acaba de divulgar um novo filme da campanha e, acredite, este não deve deixar

      • Welcome to Doha

        With the pictures and the editing of Michael Shainblum, Hussam Maatouk has directed this video in timelapse called “Welcome to Doha” which makes us visiting this city of Qatar, in its architecture and its dynamism at night and at day. A video to discover below.

      • Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

        Here’s the new music video of Pharrell Williams, directed by Luis Cervero, for his song “Marilyn Monroe” from his new album “GIRL”. A big tribute to women of all kinds, styles, origins, places and beauties, all dancing around him. A video full of joy and colors to watch below.

      • Google Glass Into The Wild with WWF
        Teams from WWF Nepal have partnered with Google Glass to take us with a very nice video in search of rhinos, to better understand the behavior of the animal and help the survival of the species. Wonderful creation, showing through the eyes of Sabita Malla technology can in some cases help us preserv

      • Bonneville Photography
        Photographer Will Graham shared this beautiful photo series taken in landscapes breathtaking us. The subject deals with a motorcycle race / car collectors. Masterpieces with bright colors and unique design. The artist makes us experience the atmosphere of the scenery, the passion, joy and sympathy e

      • 3D Ice Cubs in Whisky Glass
        TBWA\Hakuhodo agency has lauched the new campaign 3D on the Rocks for the Japanese whisky brand Suntory : they have sculpted and modeled ice cubes into rockets, the Statue of Liberty or in a guitar. A handmade and technologic way to enjoy your glass of whisky.

      • Creative Photomanipulations by Nois7
        Offering on his Instagram account several creations, the German photographer and art director Robert Jahns better known under the pseudonym Nois7 invented surreal situations using manipulation of more beautiful effect.

      • The Johammer J1 Motorcycle
        In addition to its design and its original and innovative aesthetics, motorcycle Johammer J1, designed and produced in Austria, is the first electric motorcycle series capable of reaching a speed beyond 200 km thanks to its supply system innovative energy.

      • A-Z to Dance
        For the Diesel jeans and i-D, the director Jacob Sutton has directed this video where an alphabet of the dance is forming by the dancers’ figures : Arabesque, B-Girl, or Krump, Step, Twerk, Vogue Hands. A production by Laura Holmes Production and dance in the streets and rooftops of Los Angeles to d

      • Superman: The Pride of Middle East
        « Too many « what if? » has been asked and illustrated about Superman, but none of them imagined Superman landing on an eastern country. Well, USSR is an asian Empire but also a christian one. This serie of posters try to describe what could have been the political and societal use of Superman in t

      • Moving Through New York Timelapse

        Geoff Tompkinson, an English director timelapse specialist, made a timelapse of his journey in New York City. We can discover the city at night and at day, all accelerated, in its parks and above its skyscrapers, on a very beautiful song. The video is to discover in the next part of the

      • Exotic House in Rio de Janeiro
        Gisele Taranto Arquitetura has built the “Tempo House” by a refurbishment of a colonial house in Rio de Janeiro. The architect kept the exotic dimension with the nature, the plants and the trees. Divided in 2 blocks, the house has a SPA, a home cinema, a patio and a swimming pool. A beautiful house

      • Amnesty International Freedom Candles
        Ogilvy has done for Amnesty International campaign the most successful advertising combining spot and auction to help obtain funding. With Freedom Candles, a video spot reveals thoughts Coarse candles representing situations of violence and deprivation of freedom, revealing after consummation hope s

      • Surreal Photos of A Frozen Venice
        Art director Robert Jahns has retouched a series of surrealistic photos of Venice by gathering photos of Italy by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando with photos of frozen lakes in Russia by Daniel Kordan. Robert Jahns wanted to show how the Venice Canal would look like if it was frozen by the winter.
      • You've never seen sneakers like these
        Playing with colour, surface and intricate pattern making, renowned designer Chris Labrooy create something quite magical.

        We creatives love to have our feet looking good, and many of us have an addiction to classic sneakers as well as being inspired by sneaker prints, invent

      • French Ministry of Health
        This ad campaign for the French Ministry of Health highlights the growing the growing issue of obesity in children. An original concept, the illustration, art directed and copy written by David Lesage, features an image of an ice cream, topped with a big belly. The copy reads "L'obesite co

      • Europe in 8 Bits
        “Europe In 8 Bits” is a video directed by Spanish director Device which explores the world of the chiptune (or 8 bits-music) in Europe. The concept of this music is to adapt video games sounds of Game Boy, NES, Atari ST and Amiga to create a new sound and an innovative musical movement.


      • Peugeot Exalt
        In the same vein than spot Onyx, here is the new film Peugeot for its prototype called Exalt presented at the Beijing Motor Show. Once again directed by Paul Mignot and produced by Cream, this video of breathtaking beauty and touting the greatness of this concept with an amazing post-production by D

      • Os vencedores ganham também uma camisa oficial da seleção
        Entre os dias 8 e 7 de maio São Paulo vai receber a segunda edição da Call Parade, desta vez com a temática “pinte seu orelhão com as cores da nossa Seleção”.

        A ideia é dar um toque verde-amarelo à paisagem urbana da cidade, com intervenção artística em 40 cúpulas de orelhões. A Call Par

      • Streetwear Brands in LEGO
        After the iconic music bands in LEGO, Adly Syairi Ramly comes back with his LEGO figurines he dresses with streetwear brands such as Supreme, APC, Opening Ceremony and also Maison Kitsuné.

      • Symmetric Light Painting in Tokyo
        Japanese photographer Sinichi Higashi (also known as Sinkdd) did the series “Graffiti of Speed / Mirror Symmetry” in which he captures the city of Tokyo by combining symmetry and long exposure.

      • Wild Animals Stuck in Subway
        With “Animétro”, the photographer Clarisse Rebotier, in collaboration with Thomas Subtil, stages wild animals enjoying the joys of the Parisian subway. A giraffe enjoys the aerial subway, an ostrich talks with the driver, a lion passes without any ticket, does wait at Porte St-Ouen and an elephant t

      • Lego
        Parents can forgive anything in the name of creativity, right?

        It's a classic recipe for a successful print advertising campaign - a double-edged phrase and a series of quirky images that bring the alternative meaning to life. This campaign for Lego by French agency Grey Paris plays

      • Dancers Photography by Ludovic Florent
        « Poussière d’étoiles » is a series realized by French photographer Ludovic Florent. He gives pride of place to dancers full of grace by adding flour. Sand grains highlight the majestic movement effect of their dance.

      • White Collar Boxing At Tanz Café – a Q & A with Stephen Castle
        Want to see an accountant and a lawyer shed their shirts and ties and slug it out in the boxing ring? Ever had the urge to learn how to throw a proper punch, even though you usually only push pencils? White collar boxing is a form of boxing where men and women in white collar professions train to fi

      • Campagna di sensibilizzazione per il rispetto dei lavori creativi. Giovane sì #coglioneNo
        Sfruttati, malpagati e frustrati, i giovani d’oggi con ambizioni da creativo o pubblicitario, si ritrovano spesso a lavorare per la gloria, nasce così la campagna di sensibilizzazione per il rispetto dei lavori creativi: #coglioneNo.

        "E’ la reazione di una generazione di creativi all

      • Tiny Tattoos With Parallel Backgrounds
        American photographer Austin Tott did a series entitled “Tiny Tattoos” which creates parallels between wrist tattoos and the background. A bike tattoo on a New York background, a letter tattoo on a mail background, quotes tattoo on books background.

      • My Body My Rights for Amnesty International
        For the campaign by Amnesty International “My body, my rights” Hikaru Cho, painted his models with precision and extraordinary details. Makeup take a real look once worked on the body.

      • Inside Google Office in Amsterdam
        Dutch architects from D/Dock made the office of Google in Amsterdam. It gives offices which have the colors the logo and a mixing of fake brick and fake wooden floor.

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