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      • Vietnamese Landscapes Paintings
        Painter Phan Thu Trang, Hanoi-native, paints very beautiful paintings of the city and the nature of Northern villages in Vietnam. She works different seasons according to different color code and brings a lot of texture and relief to her little scenes.

      • Home by Dachi Papuashvili
        Here is a house created by Dachi Papuashvili covered with wood, producing all the energy necessary for solar energy, and recovering rainwater. The artist has created a place both peaceful in harmony with nature and natural materials.

      • Matisse Colorful Beach Club
        Oldfield Knott Architects has recently built the Matisse Beach Club in a suburb of Perth, in front of Scarborough in Australia. Coloful and contemporary, this club is filled with beautiful palm trees and a very aesthetic design made of neon lights. A very pleasant place for a couple breaststrokes.
      • Crianças pousam avião da Turkish Airlines
        No filme da Lowe Istanbul para a companhia aérea crianças constroem uma pista de voo rústica, ressaltando a admiração por voar

        A nova campanha da Turkish Airlines, criada pela Lowe Istanbul, pretende promover a paixão pela aviação com crianças empenhadas em construir uma pista

      • Spencer Tunick Photography
        American photographer Spencer Tunick takes very conceptual nude bodies photos in nature, in majestic places such as museums or theaters and in cities. Lined up, piled up or beautifully arranged, he pays a tribute to bodies and harmony.

      • Collection of Tattoo Recipes
        “I tradizionali” is a collection of recipes of tattoos that can be applied to the forearm while cooking the recipe. Created by two Italian designers: Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso, this project is both aesthetic but more importantly it allows the cook to remember the order in which the recip

      • Creative Fashion Sketches With Flowers
        Grace Ciao is a fashion illustrator from Singapore. She draws sketches of majestuous dresses inspired by flowers : red roses’ petals, violet orchids and many more colors and flowers.

      • Medical Diagram Sculptures Made of Found Objects
        Edwige Massart and Xavier Wynn have made the series “Heads” in which they confront sculpture and medecine with medical diagrams of human heads. Made with an assortiment of random objects, these sculptures represent portraits made from memories considered as found objects.

      • Parkour Free Running
        French photographer we talked about earlier : Alexandre Chamelat announced its latest series of photos of us free running. This gorgeous series of photography in black and white represents several men performing technical prowess in the heart of the city, buildings and walls.

      • Yoga To The Core Series
        German photographer Björn Ewers from Studio 314 (also represented by Cosmopola) did a series of photographs called “Yoga To The Core”, in which the model Lena Fishman does yoga’s positions, with baselines in neons in the background and a beautiful typography made by Cmykay.

      • Havaianas apresenta linha de roupas
        Marca aposta na brasilidade das sandálias na estreia de sua primeira coleção

        Ao som de ritmos brasileiros e em uma passarela com formato de arena montada no Museu da Cidade de São Paulo, no Parque do Ibirapuera, a Havaianas apresentou na noite desta segunda-feira, 19, sua prim

      • Expressing Views by Urbane Projects
        Urbane projects designed and built a house in Applecross, Australia. Modernity and timelessness extend over three levels this house. This home reached a level of luxury finishes and a custom design by these creators.

      • 19th Century Library Filled by 350 000 Books
        In Rio de Janeiro, there is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world : the Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. Built from 1880 to 1887 by architect Rafael da Silva e Castro, this amazing library gathers more than 350 000 Portuguese works on endless bookshelves.

      • Yin Xiuzhen Portable City
        The contemporary Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen provides us with this series Portable City working on materials and diverts the purpose of the suitcase to imagine by using different elements collected representations of capitals and major cities of the world.

      • Il finto incontro di MMA tra uomo e una donna: la campagna che ha indignato e fatto riflettere tutto il Brasile
        In Brasile ogni 90 minuti 1 donna è vittima di abusi da parte di uomo. Per portare l’attenzione su questo annoso problema l’associazione di Rio de Janeiro Disque Denuncia, in collaborazione con Agência3, ha costruito una finta notizia riguardante il primo incontro di MMA che vede sfidarsi un uomo e

      • Rotring 800+ The Future Of Paper

        The German brand Rotring has recently unveiled its tool for creative with this item Rotring 800 + which is both mechanical pencil but also for stylus for devices. An object at design easily recognizable as containing the elements of the mark to be found in a series of images but also a p

      • Desert Landscape by Richard T. Walker
        Here is a series by Richard T. Walker, British-born artist based in San Francisco. These photos express a strong juxtaposition between man and nature. The artist create confusion between a frame and a real landscape. The aim is to invite the viewer to consider how and why the different elements inte

      • Food Photography by Daryna Kossar
        Daryna Kossar is a designer and photographer who posts food art pictures on her Instagram account. Social networks’ logos made of blueberry, pomegranate and in chocolate bread slice, fish and cars in lemons, Mario and a dress in green peas, her work is full of colors and imagination.

      • The Coolest Tree House
        Here is a log cabin built in the trees by the castle Hautefort, France. This incredible cabin is built around an old oak that can accommodate up to six people. In addition to comfort, the cabin delivers absolutely stunning scenery overlooking the surrounding nature.

      • Instagram Vision Sunglasses

        Here are the new sunglasses “Tens Tinted Sunglasses” conducted by the brand Tens with a simple ambition : Add an extra sparkle to your colorful summer. These sunglasses feature tinted lenses that add custom tinted filter which allows you to see the world in a different color.

      • Forgotten Heroes
        The Norwegian photographer Oystein Aspelund presents this series of photographs entitled “Forgotten Heroes”, made in Germany, dedicated to the remains of the Soviet empire in Eastern Germany. The artist sought to photograph the scene as shown: abandoned and natural. Pictures are the last traces of t

      • Slow Motion Tattoo Footage

        Paris-based tattoo artist Guet has been filmed in slowmotion at work, tattooing an arm with black ink, following the patterns drew on the skin. The video captures the mesmerizing and hypnotic movement of the point which jabs the flesh delicately. A passionating video to watch.

      • Cool Illustrations by Steve Simpson
        Steve Simpson is an Irish illustrator who works for different brands and events : visuals for the Dublin Festival, sauces or chocolates’ packagings, pictures for restaurants and illustrations in magazines.

      • Budapest Cityscape

        Here is a short film directed by Joe Simon Films mixing different sequences hyperlapse and time-lapse. This film reveals landscapes and beautiful locations of Budapest accompanied by music “Dusk” Marmoset.

      • Aviator’s Villa by Urban Office Architecture
        Urban Office Architecture, a New York-based agency, has imagined this villa for an aviator and his passion for planes. The outside of the house was built in order to give the impression of a plane’s dismembered pieces. A house with an original structure to discover.

      • Pen Orchestra 3D Illustrations
        After his excellent creation Fold Yard recently presented on Fubiz , creative Benoit Challand offers a new proof of his mastery of 3D and composition with his pop surrealist Pen Orchestra series, multiplying and playing with talent on a common purpose, however, the pen.

      • PopClik Headphones Campaign
        Guto Monteiro, a copywriter at Y&R/Bravo Miami, has created with his team a series of illustrations for the new brand of headphones “PopClik Headphones”. These visually rich illustrations are inspired by the pop-culture music such as Madonna, The Beatles, Iron Maiden and Bob Marley.

      • Concept Cars from the 20th Century
        The High Museum of Art in Atlanta will soon present in an exhibition called “Dream Cars”, 17 concept cars from Europe and USA thoughts between 1930 and 2000. Amazing creations from famous constructors as Ferrari or Bugatti.

      • Traveling Cars Adventures
        Young Swiss photographer Kim Leuenberger did the series “Traveling Cars Adventures” in which she plays setting scenes with little cars and tiny old vans in the city or nature.

      • Funny Everyday Objects Turned Into Art

        Domenic Bahmann is an Australian art director, photographer and illustrateur who draws his inspiration from daily objects. In his series “Conceptual Work”, he enjoys simple objects by forming colorful compositions and imagining funny scenes.

      • Junkyard Photography by David A. Evans

        Photographer David A. Evans captures amazing images of bodies of cars, trucks, helicopters or even abandoned bus in different locations across the United States. The artist showcases creations by colors and amazing effects.

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