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      • South Africa Villa by Saota

        OVD 919 offers a breathtaking views of the Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Imagined by renowned architectural studio SAOTA, this villa, in addition to its idyllic condition and its open structure features an outdoor terrace with a large pool and a floor with private livi

      • Pepsi Diet: Unpimp your body

      • Enosh: Dead Scary

        1 out of 5 women struggle with eating disorders.

      • Adventures of LEGO Figures in Real Life

        French photographer known as Samsofy, helped by his huge imagination, sets some LEGO figures using daily objects and places. Created situations are humorous and artist uses perfectly elements he owns.

      • Don't Drive Drunk Foundation: Champagne

      • Revisited Classical Paintings by Blase

        Based in Paris, Nicolas Saulnier known as Blase is an artist who spent a lot of time finding classical old abandoned canvas. On his precious finds, he adds his personal touch by painting modern and surprising elements with an identical pictorial style : as an exemple he can paint a red n

      • Champagne G.H. Mumm: Clouds

        Champagne G.H. Mumm served on ice.

        The red ribbon is THE symbol of the brand, as it was established on the bottle label since the 18° century. It is called "cordon rouge" in french (literraly red ribbon) and this symbol is really famous for french people as this cham

      • Enogarage: Wine glass invitation

        The best sommelier leam to taste the best boutique wine in Argentina.

      • Creative Illustrations With Real Objects

        Kristian Mensa is a 17-year-old illustrator from Czech Republic. In his last collection of illustrations he mixes, with humour, strokes of pen or strokes of paintbrush with daily objects and foodstuffs which are convoluted of its initial function to another one and be a part of the drawi

      • Amazing Floating Bar in Fiji

        Cloud 9 is a unique bar concept. It’s like a floating platform of a 100 persons capacity, anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bordering Fidji, offshore of Australia. It offers possibility to moor your boat to enjoy a refreshment in a environment bored by turquoise and transparent

      • Volkswagen: Fits like a glove

        Fits like a glove but compromises performance.
        Volkswagen Original Parts.

      • Aston Martin Luxury Yacht

        Dutch Firm Quintessence Yacht creates a partnership with Aston Martin to develop a 37-foot-long boat with the name of the prestigious automobile brand, the AM37. This boat will get two versions: the AM37 S, with a maximum speed of 60 knots and the AM37 with a maximum speed of 50 knots. T

      • Tiny Secret Beach in a Vietnamese Cave

        Photographer Lars Krux, aged of 48 years and working for the agency Caters News, went with his wife in a secret cave in Vietnam where he had the chance to discover a tiny hidden beach, with turquoise water. This cave is called “Hang En” and measures 130 meters high and 150 meters across:

      • Help Nepal by Buying Art

        After the earthquake of the 25th april 2015, photographer Kares Le Roy and agency Azimut Népal have launched a project of fundraising initiative on KissKissBankBank to help two destroyed villages in Nepal. By buying the pictures of his trip in Nepal, you also participate to rebuild this

      • The Daily Life of Gods

        Alexey Kondakov is an Ukrainian art director who plays to integrate characters and scenes of classical paintings into contemporary photographs of the city of Kiev. Through these digital collages, we can observe the simple daily life that nymphs, gods and goddesses would live if they have

      • Living on Water in Malaysia

        Malaysian photographer Ng Choo Kia, member of SIPA Press, has been joined the Bajau people in Malaysia. Residents have the characteristic of leaving on water. Their houses are on stilts and overhang transparent and turquoise water.

      • Brahma Beer: Bikini


      • Waves and Galaxies Illustrations in Coffee Cups

        Victoria Siemer is a Brooklyn-based graphic designer. In her project named “Coffee Cup Manipulations”, she adds amazing digital illustrations in coffee cups, representing waves, over-active ocean and galaxies. This technique adds a surrealism dose to a daily action.

      • Travel Photography by Lauren Bath

        Talented self-taught photographer, Lauren Bath is also a globetrotter passionated by the discovery of faraway lands. On her Instagram gallery, she publishes all what inspire her during her trips, from the turquoise bay to icebergs and wild animals.

      • Hacienda Na Xamena Hotel

        Focus on Hacienda Na Xamena is located on the island of Ibiza, about 180 meters above the Mediterranean Sea. Straight out of the imagination of the Belgian architect Daniel Lipszyc, this luxury property offers its guests a unique experience : a peacefull relaxation closer to nature.

      • European Night of Museums 2015: Dark circles

        Saturday, May 16, your favorite paintings won't sleep either.

      • Havaianas Sandals: Crank

        When it come to colors, less is not more. It's just boring.
        Havaianas. A Brazilian original since 1962.

      • Behance Portfolio Reviews Brasilia: Typography

      • Fashion Art Beauty Photography

        Based between Munich and London, Daniel Sannwald is a fashion photographer and artist who often collaborates with fashion mags. He is well-known for the importance he gives to make-up aesthetics, sometimes subtle, striking or totally surrealistic.

      • Bassi Bikes: Burn

      • Alila Jabal Akhdar Hotel in the Emirates

        Here is the somptuous hotel Alila Jabal Akdhar, developed by the Oman Tourism Development Company SAOC and located between the majestic Al Hajar, in the Emirates. This resort is suspended 2000 meters above the sea level, in a desert zone. It offers amazing views on the Oman region : cany

      • Elegant Geometric Tattoos

        Brian Woo, aka Dr Woo, is a genius tattoo artist already known in Hollywood for having inked celebrities like Drake and Cara Delevingne. He draws stuff like palm trees, wolves and constellations, the all made with a very pure and delicate graphic style. It’s not surprising that this arti

      • Interactive Ink illustrations

        Alex Solis is like a magician who gives life to the characters he draws by creating interactions with real items or using his own hand. For this series he named “Inkteraction”, the artist fights and tease with a quick temper boy.

      • A Flight Above Antarctica

        Kalle Ljung traveled in Antarctica during twenty days between December 2014 and January 2015. Armed of a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition camera and a DJI Phantom 2 drone, he offers a sublime flight above the icebergs of the ice continent. Blue-toned colors pass before our eyes, with a soundtr

      • Advertising Agencies Association of Brazil: Facebook

      • Swing Set Installation in Grand Milanese Palazzo

        From April 14 to 19th 2015, Philippe Malouin“ Philippe Malouin has installed a set of swings inside Palazzo Serbelloni hall in Milano. The designer has created such an interactive installation in order to present different varieties of Caesar stones. Visitors could then play with swings

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