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      • Deconstructing Women’s Bodies
        Based in Melbourne, artist Jake Stollery plays to make digital creations of women’s portraits. With projections and 3D scanning, he shows the body and Human identity as a constantly moving digital landscape.

      • The Grand Budapest Hotel In Lego
        American designer Ryan Ziegelbauer has decided to recreate in LEGO the hotel of Wes Anderson‘s movie : The Grand Budapest Hotel. The designer has adapted all the details of the hotel, its colors and even the trees. The construction of this building, became cult, is to discover in video with the pres

      • Don’t Drive Drunk Ads
        Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation requested agency Leo Burnett Thailand to design a series of prints to raise awareness of the dangers driving after alcohol. With these awesome pictures gathered under the name “Suicide”, he reminds us that getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol could be similar

      • Casa De La Flora in Thailand
        VaSLab Architecture has imagined in 2010 the Casa De La Flora located in Khao Lak in Thailand. Very contemporary and built in front of the sea, this hotel has 36 bungalows shaped like cubes, with beautiful palm trees.

      • Vinyls Covers Redesigned With Triangles
        Parisian designer Simon Delart wanted to pay tribute to his favorite soundtracks by imagining vinyls’ album covers. The drawing makes all the originality of the visuals because it’s all shaped with triangles. From Star Wars to Jurassic Park, the series is to discover.

      • A Boeing Turned Into A VIP Living Space
        Boeing and Airbus have decided to turn Boeing 787 into very comfy private jets for billionaires. Imagined like hotels, with bedroom suites, sofas instead of seats and big bathrooms, the planes cost around 280 million dollars.

      • Louis Vuitton FIFA World Cup Case
        FIFA asked Louis Vuitton to imagine for World Cup 2014 a suitcase to carry the trophy all football players dream about. The trophy, which will be given to the winners on July 13th at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, is incorporated perfectly into this luxurious case, the result of a second co

      • Flying Citroen Cars Series
        Swedish artist Jacob Munkhammar has directed a very original series which turns old Citroen’s models into flying futuristic cars, reminding Air Drive series.

      • World Cup Players Illustrations
        Rafael Mayani offers a superb illustration created to highlight several football stars participating in the 2014 World Cup. A poster putting together with talent Messi, Drogba or CR7 you can buy for $18 to discover.

      • The Ultimate Skydive Combo
        On May 31st 2014, free fly champions Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffet (the duo of skydivers Soul Flyers) accomplished an exploit made of extreme sensations : they jumped from 33 000 feet high above the Mont Blanc by dicing with the mountains’ chains of the Arrete of Peuterey in Italy. A breathtakin

      • Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle
        Here is the new project of the famous Harley-Davidson brand: LiveWire, an electric project. The “LiveWire experience” will be presented in 30 cities across the United States, where potential customers can test the new bike and share their opinions.

      • Floating Cinema
        Here is the concept of Buro Ole Scheeren with the creation of a floating cinema. Located on the island of Yao Noi in Thailand, the project is called "The Archipelago Cinema".

      • Fantastic Sunsets On The Masai Mara
        Photographer Paul Goldstein did the series “African Fire” in which he shares a very beautiful gallery of sunsets in Kenya, on the Masai Mara. A collection of different colors with animals and trees which look like silhouettes to guess in the backlight.

      • Terminal Restaurant & Bar
        The “Terminal Restaurant & Bar” is a restaurant located in the heart of downtown Budapest. Interior design was designed by 81font. The director were keen to preserve, remember and celebrate the original features of the building: the minimalist clock copper which served the building from the begi

      • Swarovski Light Installation in Venice
        Swarovski has partnered with Rem Koolhaas, to make a spectacular light installation for the 14th International Architecture exhibition of the Venice Biennale. The structure of this creation is majestic and looks like a theater. It consists of thousands of glass ampoules with bright colors and 15 kg

      • Iceland Aurora
        Co-produced with Design Studio Borgarmynd and TrailerPark Studios Iceland Aurora is a project capturing in timelapse the most beautiful auroras seen on Iceland. Incredible images to see in this trailer mounted on a music Pétur Jónsson.

      • Hoverboard in Real Life
        Focus on this impressive video of hoverboard in water and in the air with boards created by Franky Zapata. Sportsmen were gathered to make this video in beaches from all around the world. To discover through amazing stills, full of extreme jumps and loopings.

      • Real Razor Paper Art
        Nadeem Haidary is the author of the “Paper Cut Razor” project : a series of razors in different colors entirely made of paper and really cutting. These razors were made with a single paper sheet, water-resistant and recyclable after use.

      • Barbierattoo Identity
        Barbierattoo is a hair salon dedicated to the care of gentlemen, offering key features such as haircuts and tattoos services. The logo inspired a service that is both simple and luxury. The brand identity demonstrates an aesthetic environment, warm and refined.

      • Brazil 2014 World Cup
        To mark the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the company Karoshi created a limited edition poster named Brazil Fourteen. Each poster is screen printed in silver and comes with a metal pen, allowing fans to record the results. A great discovery for football fans.

      • Banksy’s Street Art in LEGO
        Photographer Jeff Friesen, creator of The Brick Fantastic, has made a smart series called “Bricksy” which recreates the urban works of Banksy in the LEGO’s way. We see his most famous graffitis set into the LEGO’s universe. A beautiful encounter between the urban culture and the pop culture.
      • New York Bike Styles
        New York is known for these ballads bike friendly place. In a city where all kinds of people feature all kinds of bikes, photographer Sam Polcer photography this wide range of personalities. A beautiful colorful collection of photographs, which expresses different individuals often with their bike.

      • Joben Bistro Pub by 6th Sense
        Here is the Joben pub located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. A unique pub which was designed by the studio 6th Sense straight from the pages of a novel. Different spaces take on the appearance of a cabinet of curiosities. A truly original and creative place to visit.

      • Modern University in Hong Kong
        The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong has a magnificent new home to accommodate more than 1,800 students, studios, laboratories and workshops, exhibition spaces, classrooms, and more. 15th floor was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, who created a series of spaces fluids that are designed to promo

      • Ladbrokes World Cup 2014 – Iconic celebration
        Here is a wonderful video for football lovers dedicated to the World Cup football 2014. Event is both original, unexpected and provides joy and emotion to each person who has the chance to see this surprise performed on a landmark in Brazil : The Christ.

      • Fan Yang-Tsung Paintings
        Taiwanese painter Fan Yang-Tsung is fascinated by the swimming pools. With colorful creations, and playing with talent on the forms, the artist depicts scenes that put us almost a chlorine smell in the nose.

      • Brazil World Cup Posters
        The illustrator and graphic designer José Azevedo offers us a series of posters visually very successful incorporating the flag of each of the 32 countries participating in the soccer world Cup in Brazil. Incredible render, playing with talent on these flags.

      • Freedom Calendar

        Artplan and AfroReggae have created the “Calendar of freedom”: 12 ex-prisoners, 365 handmade and testimonies with stories of each brand. Each calendar page is devoted to an ex-detainees portrait.

      • Irma – Save Me
        Directors Xavier Maingon and Marc-Antoine Hélard have made the very beautiful music video of Irma for her song “Save Me”, entirely videomapped in studio. It gives an immersion in dreamy universes with well-executed 3D effects. A production by HK Corp and an art direction by Superbien.

      • Glass Labyrinth Installation in Kansas City
        At Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in the park of Kansas City, artist Robert Morris has set the Glass Labyrinth: a huge installation of a triangular maze in transparent glass which has its originality in the fact that there is only one way in and the same way out.

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