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      • Kanarias: 5 hours

        Summer is only 5 hours away

      • Humorous Juxtaposition Photography

        Photographer Stephen McMennamy, in his collection gather under the name of ComboPhoto, manages to juxtapose perfectly two photographs. He combines pictures which elements that composed it have in theory nothing in common. Result is perfectly executed and gives some humorous compositions.

      • Sicilia Fashion Village: Incredible Fashion Town in Sicily

        In Sicily is opening the first Fashion Village. The video shows how sicilians tipical lifestyle will change after the opening of the mall.

      • Campaign Against Drink Driving (CADD): Yellow

        What's the price of a bottle of champagne?
        Don't drink and drive

      • Haiti Photographed Through an iPhone Lens

        In January 2011, one year after the earthquake that devastated Haiti, American photographer Jeremy Cowart went there for a volunteer trip, that he chose to immortalize by only photographing with his iPhone 4. It allows him a more important discretion and then he could capture instants th

      • New Dior Boutique in Seoul

        Architects Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino are behind the conception of the new Dior’s boutique in Seoul, in the Gangnam-Gu district. In the six-storey building, there are French fashion house’s creations, but also an exhibition place and the “Dior Café”, directed by the french

      • Urbi et Orbi: Coordinates

        We take you exactly where you want to go.

      • Realistic Sculptures of Famous People

        Kazuhiro Tsuji is a contemporary artist, living in Los Angeles, who is a specialist of hyperrealism. After 25 years of career as a special effects make up artist on Hollywood sets, Kazu has decided to focus on his sculptures. With resin, silicone and other materials, he creates portraits

      • Travel Planet 24: Paris

        You travel with your mind everyday. Wouldn’t it be nice if your body could follow?

      • Famous Brands Turned into Beers

        Like Valerio Loi with his « Web Popularity Products », t-shirts printing company Printsome decided to adapt famous brands and social networks in beers brands. They’ve imagined logos, labels and puns for the slogans.

      • Creative Ways to Recycle Old Furniture

        Old furniture can be recycled as real exterior decoration objects. Bored Panda website has recently unveiled some of these magical garden decorated with old furniture. Invaded by flowers, bathtub, piano and chest of drawers are like reclaimed by nature.

      • Sony: Pixelated

        Xperia Smartphones with Exmor camera sensors. The best of Sony for the best of you.

      • iPhone Photography Awards 2015

        The iPhone Photography Awards are the only photography competition, which rewards, since 2007, pictures taken with an iPhone, through several categories like: Landscapes, Nature, Travel, Seasons, Panorama, Animals, Lifestyle, Sunset. Like the one of 2014, the selection of 2015 shows surp

      • Gazeta do Povo: Chef Challenge

        Objective: Create an action to publicize the contest Chef Challenge of the newspaper Gazeta do Povo. A contest made for lovers of good food. The concept used is: Everyone has a little side of Chef.

        Solution: To create an impact and generate comments on social networks, we put

      • Mirrors Installations in Iran

        Shirin Abedinirad is an Iranian artist exploring the art of mirrors and reflections. Through the two series “Evocation” and “Heaven on Earth”, she installs pieces and staircases of mirrors in the middle of the Iran Desert or in an Italian city. It gives a beautiful juxtaposition of two e

      • Diesel Jeans: Be stupid, 39

      • French Landscapes and Cityscapes Timelapse

        Benjamin Trancart has directed a stunning Timelapse highlighting France and its beautiful landscapes. From Paris to Mont Saint-Michel, to snowy mountains, this video gives us a beautiful insight of french landscapes diversity. To discover on a Olafur Arnalds’ soundtrack.

      • Amnesty International Campaign – Little Fighters

        Amnesty International and agency Air Brussels have launched the Belgium print campaign “Little Fighters” from the promotion of a photo contest for school children: “Rights in the eye”. The goal of this contest was to reveal to children the Human Rights’ activists who hide in them. For th

      • Colgate: Don’t forget, Lollipop

        Don't forget.

        Colgate normally gives out small product samples at annual events like “Oral Health Month” to remind target consumers, especially kids, to take better care of their teeth after eating sweets. This method does not drive strong results as most consumers tend t

      • A Fight for the Tradition

        Movie directors Koya Kamura and Matthias Jenny filmed a new creation entitled “Bruises” in which he sets the tradition of the city of Firenze in Italia. The main character fights for the Bianchis to perpetuate the tradition and defend his pride.

      • Casillero del Diablo: Wine Legend

      • Portraits of Indian Girls

        German photographer Karolin Klueppel went in India, in the state Meghalaya, within the Khasi people, representing a little more than one million of the population of India. Photographer produces the portrait of the little girls from this matriarchal society, in a collection entitled “Mäd

      • Geometric Tattoos Inspired by Modern Art

        After the work of Brian Woo, here is Robert Nero : an Italian artist who makes tattoos full of geometric shapes and influenced by modern art and cubism. We can see recurring surreal patterns that he works around faces, body parts and birds.

      • Air Collages with Classical Paintings on City Snapshots

        Art Lies is a project by Lorenzo Castellini who shares on his Instagram what he calls “air collages”, namely classical paintings’ details he superposes on passer-by in the streets of Sao Paulo. It gives funny combinaisons where we can see the head of Frida Kahlo or Van Gogh on a walking

      • Intimate Portraits Revealing the Lives of Famous Artists

        Artists Unframed is a book of portraits found in the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Art, by curator Merry Foresta. More than 100 old photos show the intimacy and the family life of great artists such as Picasso next to his daughter Maya, John Lennon posing with Andy Warhol and Yoko O

      • Discarded Items Transformed Into Other Everyday Objects

        German artist Martin Roller is the artist of a creative series of still lives and “food sculptures”. His work consists in combining old everyday objects, found in the streets of Berlin, to create new ones. Through his declinations, we can find a tyre-cake, an apple-burger, an orange-glob

      • Central Clinic: Building

        In Brazil around 15 people die on an hourly basis due to cigarette-related issues. It’s as if you set a building on fire every day. Don’t burn your life away. World No Tobacco Day 2015

      • African Photograpers Portraits

        French photographer Adrien Tache photographs African photographers. They use no digital camera. He photographs them with their camera, in their studio, sometimes archaic, or in their village. Every picture is like a travel back in time.

      • Decathlon: Mountain

        Don't take a holiday from sports this summer.

      • Beautiful and Authentic Riad in Morocco

        Italian photographer Stefano Scatà has captured stunning images of Riad Dar Darma interior, beautiful riad located in Marrakech. Room by room, the artist makes us discover this authentic place straight out of The Thousand and One Nights.

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