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      • Everyday Objects Optical Illusions
        Dudi Ben Simon, a creative director based in Tel Aviv diverts objects and elements of everyday to give them another use, playing on our perception with talent and humor. Fascinating creations he expounds on his Instagram account.

      • Skol Beats desperta criaturas da noite

        O novo filme de Skol Beats faz uma referencia às criaturas da noite. Intitulado “Morcegos”, o comercial foi criado pela F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi e apresenta a cerveja como uma representante do ritmo da madrugada.

        A relação do jovem com o universo da noite é retratada na

      • NikeFuel Box in New York
        Nike had the excellent idea to offer without warning in New York recently a distributor not to get drinks, but for various sections of the brand to the point like socks or a shirt. For these objects, just not exchange money, but the Fuel invented by the brand for its connected as Nike+ FuelBand by p

      • Wujin Lotus Centre in China
        Teams from Studio505 imagined in the heart of Wujin, the southern district of Changzhou in China this impressive building in the form of lotus serving as a conference center. A project costing AUD $12million and offering lotus in three forms with incredible architecture.

      • Original 1979 Lamborghini Countach for Sale
        RM Auctions recently put up for sale a original model of the 1979 Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series, a model that has dream all lovers of beautiful cars since its release. Limited at 50 cars for this collection, this one traveled only 537 miles.

      • Ballet Clock Time
        German designer Meike Harde changes codes of passing time ! Usually represented in graphical and numerical form, hours found poetry and balance through this clock, led by an athletic and slender ballerina. An appropriated object to take a contemplative view, cool, and a little less rushed on our day

      • Video Game History Through Controllers
        The history of our video games controllers, such is the angle chosen by photographer Javier Laspiur for this series called Controllers. Snapshots full of nostalgia, taken from the point of view of the passionate player, and where a sofa and two nimble hands are the stars, ultimate tools to be succes

      • Casa Futebol Project
        Axel De Stampa imagined with Sylvain Macaux a solution to give a new life to four of the twelve stadiums used during the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. A new life full of apartments for these monuments, which in this concept allows people to live in better conditions to discover in images in the art

      • A CV On A Chocolate’s Packaging
        American illustrator Matthew Hirsch has decided to be original by creating his resume on a chocolate’s wrapper. Instead of the ingredients and the calories, he has written his skills and the code-bar gives information about his mobile number. An original work to discover.

      • The Simpsons Wine Packaging
        Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich have created a wine bottles packaging called “Wine, or maybe not?” and inspired by Marge, Homer Simpson and the painter Piet Mondrian. Each bottle is dosed differently to create various flavors and never get bored of this wine.

      • House of the Infinite
        The architect Alberto Campo Baeza just renovated this old fishing factory in Cádiz to make an incredible residence. The pool on the roof of the house offers a breathtaking view of the ocean. The architect has created a harmonious contrast with modern architecture and contemporary face of nature.
      • Air Type Keyboardless Device

        The start-up based in Texas AirType wants to imagine the keyboard of the future by offering a compatible Bluetooth accessory that can make any surface a keyboard thanks to two “bracelets” capturing finger movements. A project status and promising prototype that offers an interesting alte

      • Waterfront House On A Mountain
        The “Till House” is a single storey house imagined by Chilean architects from WMR Arquitectos on the Los Arcos’ cliffs. This wooden residence is suspended on the cliff, away from prying eyes, and offers an amazing view on the sea thanks to the terrace and the bay windows installed in every room.
      • Creative Typography by Danielle Evans
        American designer Danielle Evans combines once again her expertise with natural materials such as wheat, coffee, pepper and even spaghetti. The artist works these foods using their colors, their physical aspects and properties to create unique and beautiful typographic compositions.

      • Illustrating Eastern Europe
        After her series “A Tribute to Budgie” Anna Keville Joyce introduces us to his new creations entitled “Eastern Europe”, this series of four food illustrations represent European cities such as Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and Warsaw.

      • Food Art by Lauren Purnell
        The artist Lauren Purnell presents these culinary creations made ​​from vegetables and fruits. The goal is to transform the sometimes boring food in the shape of animals and flowers with colorful elements. A wonderful job both, playful, creative and delicious.

      • Social Networks Reimagined in Products
        “Web Popularity Products” is an original series created by London-based photographer Valerio Loi. This series shows different social networks turned into real alimentary products put on supermarkets’ shelves. Facebook becomes a chocolate spread and Instagram turns into a can. The whole with smart ta

      • The World Cup by The City of Architecture
        Since the beginning of the World Cup, Havas Paris imagined for the City of Architecture, an original campaign with one word : “A bit of culture during the World Cup.” Every day a match is announced by illustrations of iconic monuments of countries competing: minimalist images and words to architectu

      • Imprisoning The Body Series

        “The Cube” is a project by New Yorker photographer and artist Natalie de Segonzac. Made entirely in black and white, this series of photos shows naked bodies in distortion in a big black cube. It gives very beautiful contrasted images of feminine and masculine bodies.

      • Dopinglinkki – Fitness Doping
        Dopinglinkki concept was created around the idea of duality. On the one hand, the benefits that the user receives from using doping substances and on the other hand, the damage they cause. From Bond Creative Agency, photographer Carl Bergman and stylist Kirsikka Simberg make these photos at once aes

      • Brazilian Delights
        Greco Design created this candy box with the dynamic and festive colors of Brazil. The packaging is designed as a flower opening itself with petals. A real creative work, containing illustrations giving the impression of woodcut.

      • The Fox’s Den Hermes Store
        French from Zim & Zou, several times highlighted on our website, have recently illustrated the window of the Hermès store in Barcelona located in el Paseo de Gràcia. An amazing paper composition in blue and orange illustrating with talent, beauty and a lot of cute details the den of a dandy fox.

      • The Face of Death
        This photographic series is a collaboration between the British photographer Rankin and the editor of the magazine Andrew Gallimore. These images offers faces are completely transformed by decorations and make-up, made on the occasion of the Mexican day ‘Dia de Los Muertos’.

      • Trophy Bike by Rapt Studio

        The “Trophy Bike” is the work of Rapt Studio and Steve Rendle. Each part of it is carefully tailored for a single piece, the frame is brushed, saddle leather tinted. Finally, a typographic pattern covers the steel frame with talent.

      • IKEA Families Russian Campaign
        Agency Instinct BBDO asked English illustrator Rod Hunt to draw a huge illustration for the IKEA Russian campaign. We can see 10 different families in their apartments filled by IKEA furniture. These illustrations were used for a children’s book written by Grigory Oster and for an online interactive

      • Chinook Arc by Creative Machines
        Chinook Arc is an interactive illuminated sculpture by Creative Machines. The shape is inspired by the historic tramway loop of the city of Calgary. Visitors Chinook Arc have complete control over lighting by an optical sensor which projects the movements and colors on the installation.

      • London Bus Stop In LEGO
        For the transports of London, designer Duncan Titmarsh has decided to customize a bus stop in the capital with LEGO. He has entirely built the bus stop by interlocking LEGOs : seats, logo and also posting of the destinations.

      • Skull Sculpture With Plants
        French artist Emeric Chantier creates sculptures made of plants and flowers from real objects such as tommy-guns, cans and crosses. Here’s his surprising sculpture named Skull in the shape of a skull that looks like a fossil which has changed through time.

      • Tentsile Portable Treehouse
        Created by Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev in 2012, the Tentsile Stingray is a portable tent that we can suspend between two trees like a treehouse. Made for several persons, this tent has a ceiling in a transparent net so we can admire the landscape.

      • Everyday Objects Turned Into Playful Characters
        French artist Gilbert Legrand creates little playful characters from everyday objects : scissors, brushes, corkscrews and taps become a lovers couple, a waiter, a little girl and foxes. A good way to give life to inanimate objects.

      • Brazil’s Architecture World Cup 2014 Posters
        Portuguese illustrator Andre Chiote got interested in Brazilian stadiums’ architecture for the World Cup 2014. With Brazil’s colors, he has created very graphic posters of stadiums located in Rio de Janeiro, Manaus, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte and Salvador with mentions of architects.

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