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      • Pencil Lamp
        Designers from London Michael & George had the extravagant idea to imagine a lamp in the form of a giant pencil. A project where the light flashed from a light bulb placed at the gum called HB Pencil Lamp for sure that will change your interior.

      • Domaine Lepovo Wine Identity
        Petar Pavlov designed this stunning identity for the Macedonian wine Domaine Lepovo. Representing the natural and ingredients of the creation of this drink, the whole variation of this product, very elegant.

      • Playtime Photomanipulations
        Art director and French director Arnaud Deroudilhe recently released a series of images gathered under the name Playtime and playing with talent on everyday objects and diverting applications.

      • The True Reality of War
        Le photographe Peter Van Agtmael has been interested for several years in the daily lives of soldiers on the ground, during the conflict, and then after they return home with injuries can be ensue.

      • Modern Kitchen with Aquarium
        “Ocean Kitchen” is the name of this kitchen created by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik offering an aquarium as the main decoration. Malignant and visually impressive idea that illuminates the kitchen and makes you want to dive into a recipe.

      • Inventories of War from 1066 to 2014
        “Soldiers Inventories” is a series of photographs made by Thom Atkinson and offering us to discover 13 outfits and accessories kit typical of the English soldiers, from 1066 to today, gathering uniforms, weapons and other items allowing us to get an idea of the evolution of the equipment through the

      • J’adore Paris
        I recently embarked on a three week trip to Paris, to try and capture the city in all its glory. I had never visited the city before, and was quickly struck with how beautiful it is. My aim was to capture the classic sights; ornate buildings and typical Parisian activities, and contrast that to the

      • National Geographic Photo Contest Winners 2014
        Like every year, National Geographic Traveler recently unveiled the winners of the 2014 edition of its photo contest.

      • Recipe Photography Concept
        Designer Nora Luther & photographer Pavel Becker teamed up to make this unbelievable series of photography called “Recipe Photography Concept” and showing all necessary ingredients for some recipes floating around with talent

      • Rene Mesman Photography
        Dutch photographer Rene Mesman takes photos inspired by still life paintings : an ananas-fish, peas-blackberry, a peach-nut, a long-haired owl and a pink artichoke.

      • Lucid Kit Bike
        With great simplicity and good design, Lucid Kit Bike offer you can disassemble your bike and can be put away in a backpack. A very well thought object, which proposes an innovation while not forgetting the design.

      • Lens Between Us
        Focus on Lens Between Us, common project of artistic directors Peter Sedlacik & Zuzu Galova. This series of pictures consists of pictures of travel, artists capture each other, then assemble the two points of view photographed. A fascinating look, soft and unique, on travel, love, respect to eac

      • Bacardi Identity by Lane
        Here is an advertising campaign for the famous brand Bacardi conducted by Sam Lane. Original Bacardi is a spiced rum, which was created from traditional recipes “secret”. The branding of the product is inspired by the history and heritage of the company and is represented by the packaging and visual

      • Bibo StreetArt Restaurant in Hong-Kong
        Agency Substance imagined the design for this new and incredible restaurant in Hong Kong called Bibo. Including pieces of art and references to street art. This cool but expensive place to eat and offers a good time between pieces made by Kaws, Kusama, or Koons.

      • A Parigi le statue "indossano" le Reebok Pump
        Sono passati 25 anni dalla nascita delle Reebok Pump, per celebrare il momento l’agenzia Mnstr ha messo le scarpe ad alcune Statue della città di Parigi in zone quali Trocadero, Sorbonne e Pont Alexandre III dando un’immagine più atletica persino a Giulio Cesare.

      • Tokyo: quando un bar trasforma gli ubriachi in testimonial della sua una campagna pubblicitaria

        Tokyo, dopo aver lavorato per 10 ore consecutive molti cittadini si riversano nelle strade della città per assumere notevoli quantità di alcol. Alcuni esagerano e terminano la loro nottata sdraiati e svenuti lungo i marciapiedi, una pratica talmente comune da restare quasi inosservata a

      • Marrakech by Robin de Lestrade
        French photographer Robin de Lestrade did a series on his trip in Marrakech. Between mopeds, mosaics, dates and traditional breads, he gives an extract of this country with hot colors.

      • La metropolitana di New York si trasforma in una SPA

        Caldo torrido anche a New York dove i cittadini hanno avuto il piacere di vedere una stazione della metropolitana letteralmente trasformata in una SPA di lusso.

        Dietro questa inusuale attività si cela il noto gruppo ImprovEverywhere, che sotto l’impeccabile guida di Charlie T

      • Inflatable Vegetables
        For Hiltl, a vegetarian restaurant located in Zurich, Tobias Stierli worked with Ruf Lanz agency to design these 3D creations of inflated balloons representing with talent different vegetables. An impressive creatop, called “Inflatable Vegetables”, playing with our perception talent.

      • Love Japan

        Summarizing a one-month trip to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan Love this great video made by David Parkinson with a Canon 5D mkIII delivers outstanding images of nature and everyday life, illustrating with talent on the remix of the song Message to Bears Holocene Bon Iver beauty of ci

      • Flying Piano in Munich
        Some people at Munich Airport had the chance to see the pianist Stefan Aaron perform a piano concert on a “flying carpet”. A superb performance and poetic initiative made for the Orange Piano Tour.

      • Iceland Photography by David Martin Castan
        Spanish photographer David Martin Castan went to Iceland to capture the beauty of this unique island, offering with its breathtaking landscape shots. Impressive images with wonderful colors, revealing the beauty of the land of ice and fire.

      • Black & White Photography of Tokyo
        Tatsuo Suzuki is a Japanese photographer who offers us photographs inviting us to discover a new face of the city of Tokyo. Images in black & white incredible, capturing the moment with a lot of talent and showing a dark, almost chaotic appearance of the city rarely highlighted.

      • Splash Water by Krista Long
        What do you look like just before landing in the water? To find out, the American photographer Krista Long took her camera during a trip to the waterpark, to capture people in action. The result is a wet but refreshing seris called I Love Summer.

      • Geometric Chocolate Mill

        During a retrospective of the Dutch furniture designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld, the Weiki Somers studio collaborated with chocolatier Rafael Mutter to expose an ingenious chocolate mill. Consisting of a cylindrical block, the delicious creation was organized into ten layers, reveal

      • Creative Food Sculptures
        Dan Cretu is an artist and photographer whose creativity is connected to his appetite. It invites us to discover that you can play with your food as long as the rendering is the quality of his compositions.

      • Otocycles Electro Bikes
        A engineers family based in Barcelona decided to imagine beautiful models of electric bicycles strongly inspired by the design of motorcycles from the 50s. With two models with retro style look great, Otocycles bikes got an engine offering about 50 km of autonomy, and are offered in various colors.<

      • Human Error Series
        “Human Error” series has been thought by graphic designer Victoria Siemer (alias Witchoria). She creates polaroids from pictures she takes and adds on them alert, bug or updating messages’ windows that appear on Mac. A smart encounter between photography and the digital era.

      • Living Sculptures by Guda Koster
        Guda Koster is a Dutch artist who create living sculptures with humans. The artist uses fabrics, colors and original patterns that allow her to create compositions enigmatic and mysterious. Each work is both unreal scene represented by the theme and real with the human model.

      • Packaging of Smile
        Introducing the new packaging of chewing gum Trident Xtra Care, designed by Hani Douaji. A range of six variations, which represents three flavors. Each packet has an illustration : a mouth or a mustache, sometimes smiling or surprised. A colorful and attractive packaging.

      • Colorful Iranian Architecture
        Mohammad Domiri, young Iranian photographer and physics student, is passionate about architecture. He likes to capture the monuments of the Middle East, which is why most of his photoshoots are devoted to traditional large mosques. Geometric patterns, fascinating mosaics and swirling colors, the res

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