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      • Arvak Bicycle
        This bicycle named Arvak is a creation of French design studio Keim. With the collaboration of the workshop Breitfuss Arvak is a bike that has a hollow monocoque frame made of 24 layers of laminated ash wood and a bio-sourced resin. The orientation of the wood fibers has even been optimized to devel

      • Pen and Ink Drawings by Philip Frank
        Here is a drawing series in pen and ink made by the artist Philip Frank. Entitled “The Body in Conflict with the Scientific Paradigm”, the series subtly denounces the limitless of science exploration and biotechnology development to the detriment of health. Guided by his imagination and the message

      • Surreal Photography by Christopher J
        Inspired by fantastic novels style, Californian photographer Christopher J made a series of surreal images. By using the double exposure technique he skillfully handles, this artist gives to his photographs a magical and dark atmosphere.

      • iSlave 6: SACOM vs Apple

        In occasione del lancio dei nuovi iPhone, a Hong Kong i manifestanti della Sacom (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior) hanno dato vita ad un blitz per puntare il dito contro le condizioni di lavoro di chi costruise gli smartphone per conto di Apple.

        I manifest

      • Colorful Paper Sculptures
        Fascinated by the paper and all the creative possibilities that this material offers, the artist Yulia Brodskaya whose the work was the object of an article previously, creates beautiful colorful compositions by using glue and cut paper. Between sculptures and illustrations, her creations are very g

      • Blue Design Bathroom
        Directed by a graphic designer/photographer and a civil engineer, the Polish society Wamhouse presents here a sumptuous space whose the design comes directly from the imagination of its artists. The world of the bathroom is transposed into a lounge bar, where geometric shapes harmoniously blend with

      • Basketball Sculpture With Sneakers
        For the Nike‘s “SNEAKERBALL” event (held this year in Madrid), Nike Netherlands and Rosie Lees London asked New York-based creative director Shane Griffin to make a big sculpture of a basketball around which sneakers are incrusted.

      • Neymar faz campanha publicitária com filho pela primeira vez
        Davi Lucca estreia no mundo da publicidade ao lado do craque em campanha da Lupo.

      • Ice Cream Sculptures
        Sarah Illenberger is a German artist who skillfully transforms ordinary materials in unexpected objects. Here, she plays with ice cream transforming them in hot-air balloon or even in peacock. One of her creations strangely looks alike the Red Square’s Cathedral in Moscow.

      • Burning Man 2014 Series
        In order to capture the most memorable moments of the Burning Man 2014 edition, New Zealand photographer Trey Ratcliff visited the Nevada Black Rock desert where take place each year the most zany festivities of the planet. Costumes, sculptures, installations, the photographer skillfully transcribed

      • Up In The Air Series
        Belgian photographer Antoine Rose takes vertiginous pictures of Miama beaches and Long Island’s coasts in his series “Up In The Air”. From a helicopter, he adopts a bird-eye’s view to capture the colors of spread towels, beach umbrellas and the turquoise water’s lines. He will be exhibited from 15th

      • Creative Food Sculptures Part II
        Back on the artist Dan Cretu that we talked about previously. In this eclectic series of Food Art sculptures, we recognize the artist’s touch, who doesn’t hesitate to play with colors and food variety : he creates women as cucumber as well as he creates salad-tomato birds.

      • Food Design by Aaron Tilley
        London-based photographer Aaron Tilley offers us a Food Design series where he uses pasta as patterns for the ground, and even as stairs structure. On a second series of three photos, he shows his talents by several demonstrations such as mushrooms sculpture and a slice of cake covered with a beauti

      • Jerko Houseboat

        As well as sailing on the Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, this strange ship called Jerko also serves as an ecological house thanks to its self-sufficiency energy. Inside, the vintage decor gives a special touch to this incredible home that his owner, Adam Katzman and his friends, work to sail.

      • Province Town Beach Cabin
        Captain Jack’s Wharf is a location agency of cabins. Focus on one of its beach cabins : the one in Provincetown in the state of Massachusetts which was initially a fishmen house. A comfy and wooden interior with the blue colors of a beach house.

      • Aphex Twin’s Limited Vinyl Package Edition
        The Designers Republic created Aphex Twin’s vinyl boxset for his upcoming album “Syro”. The boxset is made in perspex with a white gravure and the disk is grey with texture’s effects. This album will be released in 200 editions, on 22nd September at Warp Records.

      • Sebastian Errazuriz Interventions
        Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz, now based in New York, likes to find inspiration wherever it is and imagine daily diversions and interventions look great between humor, cynicism and awareness.

      • If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

        Camille Marotte has produced a video entitled "If Tomorrow Starts Without Me" with incredibly beautiful images of India, Vietnam, Senegal and Morocco. Creation truly breathtaking.

      • Iceland Photography by Tin Nguyen
        French art director Tin Nguyen, a.k.a MrDurian combines two of his passions, photography and travel by car to give us images of incredible beauty. Landscapes presented here were mainly taken in Iceland & Denmark.

      • The Stormy Cloud Light

        The designer Richard Clarkson has created an interactive and elegant lamp which mimics a thundercloud’s sound and appearance. Using motion sensors, the user can also control via bluetooth the music and the light of the cloud.

      • Stunning Kitchen Island
        The kitchen “The Leaf” has been created by Dutch designers working at Culimaat High End Kitchens who have thought this furniture as an island, as an organic shape which flows on the ground. Far away from geometric rules’ conventions, these creators give us a very beautiful hi-tech kitchen thanks to

      • Odeon Tower Project In Monaco
        The Odeon Tower is an ongoing project imagined by French architect Alexandre Giraldi. The tower will be built in Monaco, facing the Mediterranean sea with a rooftop infinity swimming pool and a large terrace. With 26 flats, it will be known as the highest and most expensive sky penthouse of the worl

      • Dreamlike Self Portraits
        Winner of the Sony World Photography Awards 2014, Dutch photographer Kylli Sparre makes very beautiful dreamlike and fairy self-portraits where she stages herself in majestic positions in the middle of nature. Her work will be exhibited on September at Qlickeditions gallery located in Amsterdam.
      • Gigantic Flowers Carpet in Brussels
        Every two years in August, the central square of Brussels is carpeted by a gigantic begonia’s carpet in honor of all turkish immigrants. Graphics and colors of this huge art work are directly inspired by the design of turkish Kilim. A beautiful tradition initiated in the 70s by the horticulturist E.

      • Anders Gjennestad Shadow Optical Illusion
        Norvegian artist Anders Gjennestad is specialized in creating murals with stencils recently conducted under the Urbane Memory Street Art Festival in Italy with this stunning creation, playing with our perception.

      • Scrabble Words Turned into Surrealist Prints
        For the campaign of the famous scrabble game, the Ukrainian Twiga agency illustrated double meaning words by surrealist prints.

      • Window Silhouettes Illusions
        As we recently talked about his outdoor creations, here is this time by a series of artist Pejac made indoors, offering a simple brush with the inclusion of beautiful silhouettes on windows. Simple designs, beautifully made.

      • Erotic Film Festival Posters
        Lowe Vasovie agency conducted with illustrator Bart Bialy a series of posters to highlight the “Kino Praha Erotic Film Festival” that took place last May. Funny diversions of great references to the seventh art, such as Star Wars or Titanic, playing humorously on the positions of figures to give the

      • Cocktails Design Posters
        After his excellent series of posters Iconic World Cup, designer Nick Barclay invites us to discover with its ten minimalist geometric style the most famous cocktails in the world. Rendering simple and successful showing the doses required to make each of these mixtures.

      • BUS Stop in Baltimore
        An artist collective, with members Alberto Alarcón, Emilio Alarcón, Ciro Márquez & Eva Salmerón recently installed a sculpture and conceptual public work in Baltimore, also serving as a bus stop. A logical use, as the piece itself shows the 3 letters on a large scale, to sit while waiting for th

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