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      • DALeast

        Born in China, artist DALeast has spread his distinctive 3D technique of street art across public spaces all over the world. One of the most exciting talents to come out of the emerging Chinese urban art scene, DALeast's artwork depicts twisted metal animals interacting in a human w

      • Herbert Baglione

        For his latest project, Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione has been painting on the walls, floors, and ceilings of empty rooms and outside deserted homes in São Paulo and Paris, and now '1000 Shadows' sees him tackle an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy.
      • Berlin (Germany)

      • Tasty branding celebrates Islamic festival

        Mendiola Design Associates symbolises Indonesian culture and craftsmanship with this vibrant handmade piece created from local produce.

        Tasked by local culinary portal to celebrate the joyful spirit of the Islamic festival Idul Fitri, Indonesia-based studio Mendio

      • Marketing StreeT at Music Hall

      • Western Union: Money Transfer

        This ad is idealistically similar to the Fedex one I mentioned earlier, it takes a different approach but the idea still hits hard in a very interesting way. 2 Hands, 2 different types of currency, being transferred along through Western Union. Great idea with simple execution makes for

      • Rhythm House: 50 Cent Voodoo

        Now this ad is a little iffy if you do not recognize who the voodoo doll is, but if you do then it is a great ad and it is directed to the core music audience. This original ad shows us a popular music icon as a voodoo doll, which leads us to ask why and see the bottom quote which is emp

      • Heinz Hot Ketchup: Fries

        This is one of the more elegant ads featured in this list because of its soft colors and simplicity. It gets straight to the point and that’s it, nothing more to it. A very solid advertisement that is the perfect example of a simple idea illustrating a whole concept to the consumer.

      • Some Things Are Not What They Seem: Internet Date

        The art direction and illustration in this ad is fantastic, it gives us two separate pictures that are each on a different spectrum and blends them together through a common value which in this case is the internet. The idea is once again simple and not too complicated, and it gets its p

      • Band Aid: Hulk

        Band Aid is showing just how flexible its fabric is in this ad. This amusing ad shows that this band-aid does not even snap on the finger of The Hulk who is at the center of this image. It works because it’s simple and it shows you all that is needed and nothing more, its flexible, so bu

      • Stop smoking!!!

      • Keyboard

      • Bangalore Traffic Police: Don’t Talk While She Drives

        This ad gets a strong message across in a graphic way. The blood spatter draws the viewer in and shows them that it is coming from the telephone, leading them to picture something gruesome happening to whoever the man is talking to. And then the quote puts it all together that you should

      • Ford Germany: Do Knot Forget

        Obviously Ford wants you to see that wires are bad, showing us 15 different types of wired knots and then ending with an amusing quote on the bottom of the ad “Do knot forget: Bluetooth comes with every new Ford Model”. This is a very smart approach, showing the consumer a common problem

      • Celcom Broadband: Coverage

        Our next ad puts a very clever twist on a product. We all instantly recognize the Wi-Fi symbol but then notice it is built from famous monuments across the world, once we look further down we notice the product which is giving us Wifi. Once again it is something that says a lot without h

      • Panasonic 3D TV: Dino

        Here is another ad that has a lot going on but still is able to get its message across fairly easily. We will first notice the dinosaur in the trashed living room but then see the girl pointing at the TV, which will give us the impression that Panasonic’s 3D televisions are extremely rea

      • Drive Safe

        Like stated earlier, ads can give off strong messages as well. In this ad we see a damaged human leg, but instead of bones and blood it looks more like a crashed car. This clever message shows us just what its quote says, "…Car accidents don’t just happen to cars".

      • National Anti-Counterfeit Committee: Watch

        This is one of those ads which was mentioned in the introduction, something that isn’t necessarily selling something but rather giving of a message for a cause or a movement. Well this ad’s imagery gets the viewer involved enough to look towards the bottom and read about how counterfeiti

      • Canal+: iPhone Titanic

        This ad may take a bit more time to understand than the rest but the design itself can keep a consumer interested. The large finger and the iPhone in the corner can quickly help the viewer connect the dots with the sinking Titanic ship and show that we can have all our favorite movies ri

      • Red Bull - Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

      • 1945 bicycle manufacturing

        Titled simply "How a Bicycle is Made," this film from 1945 shows the manufacturing process of Raleigh bicycles in the UK. It is amazing to see how big Raleigh was then and it is a nice example of guerrilla marketing then.

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      • Fedex: USA-Brazil

        This is another ad that shows what simplicity can do for your company’s message. A simple image with an extremely bright idea gives the consumer all they need to figure out what you are selling.

      • King Oscar: Open

        This ad puts forth an idea that King Oscar’s fish products are as fresh as they can possibly get. This idea is then executed by blending a fish and one of their canned products showing the consumer they will be buying a fish straight from the ocean. This simplistic image gives off just e

      • Harley Davidson traz linha de produtos financeiros ao Brasil
        Não, você não leu errado: a fabricante de motos não é banco, mas financia veículos e oferece seguro e garantia estendida

        São Paulo - Foi-se o tempo em que o negócio da Harley Davidson era só motos e jaquetas de couro. Expositora do Salão 2 Rodas, a companhia americana anunciou

      • Heineken: The Negotiation

        Last but not the least, Heineken extended their crazy attempts to target football fanatics through a nice guerrilla campaign. They secretly gave men a chance to watch the Champions League final, only on one condition: they had to convince their female counter parts to buy a pair of ordin

      • Acupuncture business cards

        I love very clever business cards and these ones for Acupuncturist Steve Li certainly made us smile. He recycled old business cards and laser perforated his details in them. Folks who get these cards are likely to share them with friends, but likely will hold on to them. So there is a ca

      • Puma Starts Inking Customers for Mothers Day Promotion

        Puma partnered with Manga agency in Brazil to bring you this very permanent campaign. The team wanted to make the Mother’s day of last one something that no one would ever forget.

        The challenge was to get shoppers attention to Puma stores during Mother’s day, the s

      • Un sottomarino emerge nel centro di Milano

        Questa mattina alle ore 8, gli abitanti milanesi di via Mercanti si sono svegliati con un sottomarino in mezzo alla strada. Si tratta di un’attività di ambient marketing realizzata per Europ Assistance Italia.

      • Italiana Lavazza abre loja no Brasil com conceito gourmet

        Com uma cafeteria design e uma pegada gourmet, a marca de café italiana Lavazza vai abrir sua primeira loja no Brasil. A bandeira será Lavazza Espression, uma das três que a empresa possui espalhadas pelo mundo e a mais sofisticada de todas.

        Embora o conceito seja outro, pelo

      • New Banksy Art Show On NYC’s Streets Comes With A Cheeky Audio Guide

        In the month of October, famous graffiti artist Banksy is staging an entire art show—titled “Better Out Than In”—on the streets of New York City.

        Launching a new website for the project, the elusive artist will be turning the city into a museum with what is described as “an

      • Quando pubblicare un post su Facebook: non è alle ore 15

        Hai preparato il tuo contenuto strategico da pubblicare su facebook con tanto di foto accattivamente e magari anche un link di approfondimento. Pensi che coinvolgerà tanti fan portando benifici ma: a che ora pubblicare il post?

        Ebbene si. Ecco il dramma di ogni social media “c

      • Os últimos minutos de vida merecem uma festa
        Filme divulga o aplicativo de gerenciamento de tarefas Do; campanha foi criada pela Muh Tay Zik/Hof Fer

        O que você faria caso soubesse que restam apenas 17 minutos em sua vida? O personagem deste comercial optou por uma festa de despedida no quarto do asilo em que está hospeda

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