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      • Pop Culture Heroes in Chocolate

        Artist Henry Hargreaves, who has always played with food, just released his new pop culture series, combining his passion for Star Wars’ figurine’s packagings and food art. Like Han Solo who ended frozen with carbonite in “Empire Strikes Back”, he wanted to make trophies in chocolate to

      • The Bigger Picture of Album Covers
        Web design company Aptitude wanted to revolt against the digital music distribution which neglects the importance of album’s artworks. They created a series entitled “The Bigger Picture” : funny images that illustrates the rest of the decor of famous album’s covers

      • Commando Creative Collages
        In his series “Commando Creative”, French creative Mister Blick takes famous war photographs to make flowers’ collages. Amaryllis and tulips replace the bazookas and guns of the soldiers in black and white ; the American flag of the Iwo Jima battle becomes a big pink flower that the soldiers raise p

      • 3D Evil Model from Movies
        “Halloween Countdown” is a series of figurines made by animation studios English A Large Evil Corporation. From Shining to A Clockwork Orange, through Freddy, these figurines are timely as we approach the day during terror sows, Halloween .

      • Michael Murphy’s Installations
        American artist Michael Murphy creates very beautiful contemporary and complex installations made with a lot of elements which shape a homogeneous piece when they’re gathered. If we move a bit, a cross could become simple suspensions of objects and symbolic portraits.

      • Customized Car With A Marker
        A wife has customized her husband’s Nissan Skyline GTR with a simple felt-tip marker. Based in Japan, the couple spent 140 hours in total, in a garage or at their home with square parts. The wife took care of the body which was damaged and on which they applied a lacquer in order to preserve the mar

      • Dirtbike Backflips over Aerobatic Plane

        After many years of sportive and technical exploit, Redbull proves once again that madness doesn’t have any limits. The meeting between Nick de Wit and Glen Dell is no exception to the rule and features a beautiful motorcycle backflip over an aerobatic plane.

      • Mobile Tricycle House
        The “Tricycle House” is a little home in polypropylene plastic which has been built smartly on a tricycle by Chinese architects and designers from People’s Architecture and People’s Industrial Design Office. Exhibited at the Get it Louder Exhibition in Beijing, this project is a response to housing

      • Google Street View in The Desert Captured by A Camel

        Google Maps just released a last update for its Street View : now we can admire the Liwa oasis in Abu Dhabi, from our computers. Captured at 360 degrees and for the first time on a camel’s back.

      • Boston Layer-Lapse

        Unlike timelapse that show consistent passing time, the Layer-lapse principle is to cut the pictures in sequences through layers. That’s why you can see different moments of the day on the same plan and at irregular speeds. A video made by Julian Tryba and that illustrates this process w

      • Fondation Louis Vuitton by Frank Gehry
        Architect Frank Gehry was commissioned to build the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris (Boulogne). The design has been thought according to the setting of the Jardin d’Acclimatation and the willing to create an ultra-modern building. The result is here : the deconstructivism of Gehry is right here and

      • NCycle Prototype

        The e-bike nCycle has been created by designers Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu. Still a prototype, this bicycle has a very aesthetic design with its two wheels featuring holes. It has been displayed at the EuroBike 2014 : an event with exhibitions exclusively reserved for bikes.
      • Billboard Display Hacking in Hong Kong

        In this video called “What’s up Hong Kong?”, we can follow the Russian duo Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov during their trip in Hong Kong. What looks like a documentary quickly becomes a furious getaway in the heart of the metropolis and on its skyscraper rooftops, ending with a gian

      • Highline Suspended Hammocks
        It is in the Italian Alps at Monte Piana during the Highline festival that adventurers and athletes have experienced these dizzying hammocks. hessians in single file over 2000 meters, hold by a rope connecting the two mountains and keeping up twenty people.

      • LEGO Reproducing Iconic Movie Scenes

        At only 15 years old , the young director Morgan Spence reconciled his passion for LEGOs with his love for the cinema using the technique of stop-motion. He staged LEGO playing famous scenes from films such as Shining, James Bond or Pulp Fiction.

      • Watchtower of Turkey

        Watchtower of Turkey is a beautiful journey all around Turkey in which we discover local customs, people hospitality, breathtaking panoramas and the soul of a country through a video where the plans parade at dizzying speed. A sensory experience admirably transcribed and performed by Leo

      • The World’s Deepest Pool
        Imaginated by architect Emanuele Boaretto, Y-40 is a pool breaking records with its depth. Dug up to 40 meters, this pool filled with thermal water offers intermediaries level of depth and some caves. An ideal place for divers.

      • Extravagant Villas by Vasily Klyukin
        Vasily Klyukin is a Russian architect who designs extraordinary villas. Futurists, polygonal, like science fiction house. With unconventional constructions, the architect diversify themes of his creations: “Palm Oasis” has a tropical universe meanwhile “Madame Sur” villa is like a ruby stuck on the

      • Warzone Parkour
        In this photographs series made in the affected areas of Gaza, palestinian photojournalist Mohammed Salem captured images of young gazan boys, while making acrobatic performances amid the rubbles and ruins caused by bombs.

      • Gold Jumpman Installation

        Arranged at Chicago Nike Town, this installation is actually a heap of gold-plated sneakers-shaped slabs, hanging from the ceiling and placed in order to represent Michael Jordan from his Air Jordan logo. A fabulous sculpture created by American artist Michael Murphy.

      • Danny Macaskill : The Ridge

        It’s in the middle of the Cuillin Ridge, a range of rocky and steep mountains that the Scottish trialist Danny Macaskill shows his prowess through this amazing video. Almost never getting off his bike, the sportsman climbs and rolls down the mountainside with a remarkable technique and m

      • Glowing Painted Ferrari

        In order to recreate the speed of the Ferrari California in an artistic demonstration, studio Oefner concretized the idea through a specific system of piping : luminescent flow paints are projected at a very high speed, gradually covering the entire surface of the car.

      • Havana Photography
        Photographer Tom Blachford (who we already have talked about previously) has made a photos’ series of his trip to Havana. He manages to take us right there, in the middle of this city’s colorful and dilapidated walls and old typical cars, with lively colors.

      • Creative Chocolate Skulls
        Ruth and Sira Garcia are two talented spanish artists : here, they interpret the vanitas in the form of a chocolate. With great attention to detail and a vivid imagination, the two artists had the good idea to associate the shape of the brain to walnut or gelled blackberry shapes.

      • Bicycle Way of Life
        Instagrammer Mamotoraman, also known as Mamoru Kanai, regularly published photographs where he is staging on his bicycle. With expert ease, he is photographed while performing bicycle tricks in Tokyo’s streets and offers unusual images to discover the beauty of the city from a different angle.

      • Renault Eolab Concept

        To introduce the new Renault Eolab concept , UFO and Sebastien Cannone staged a fresh and innovative spot. The car emerge from water, which explains its thermal-electric hybrid feature. A car that consumes a little (1L/100km), and that hold a lot of technical innovations.

      • Smart Watch Concept
        MOOV is a technologic watch created by Chicago-based designer Xinyi Wang. On a smart concept, this beautiful watch gives you fitness challenges all day long. Available in different colors: white, gold, black and grey.

      • Miniature Paintings Project

        “Postcards for Ants” is a miniature illustrations’ project leaded by Lorraine Loot, happening all year long. Each day since 1st January 2013, this Cape Town-based artist draws a little detailed illustration with paint and pencils.

      • Chalk Mural by Ben Johnston
        Ben Johnston is a designer based in Toronto that we have already mentioned earlier. The artist was invited to create a mural illustration for the new Sierra Nevada bar in Asheville in the USA. This illustration made with white chalk is nearly 1600 sq ft and was completed in three weeks. The work des

      • Improbable Items Series
        Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso turns items such as mugs, key-cutter or ice cream cones and combined them with others daily objects for a smart reinterpretation.

      • Sleeper Cars in Glass
        English designer Dominic Wilcox, who we already have talked about has recently revealed at the London Design Festival 2014, a futurist concept : the Sleeper Car, an automatic car made of glass. According to him, driveless cars will be so safe that cars could be made of glass.

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