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      • Electro Recycling Robot

        Look! A robot poos electronic stuff! Ha ha! But really, this print advertising campaign from Euro RSCG is a tongue-in-cheek execution of quite a serious issue (electronic recycling). You may be wondering how an excreting robot is relevant but it all becomes clear with the tag line, '

      • Creative Artworks by Alex Solis

        Alex Solis is an American illustrator who has been drawing many visual for t-shirts. With a simple, friendly and very recognizable style, he invites us to discover his staging of objects of daily life, taking another dimension with his talent. Great ideas to explo

      • True marketing errors

        Below are fine examples of what happens when marketing translations fail to reach a foreign country in an understandable way.

        Coors put its slogan, "Turn it loose," into Spanish, where it was read as "Suffer from diarrhea."

        Clairol introduced th

      • Will women help Harley-Davidson through tough times?

        Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Harley-Davidson, feeling the economic downturn a little bit too vividly, has decided to intensify its female-targeted marketing endeavors. Motorcycle registrations have plummeted since 2007 and the company's production has fallen to its 2001 level

      • Corso di marketing

        Corso di marketing al femminile

        1) Ti trovi ad una festa e vedi un tipo molto affascinante. Ti avvicini a lui e gli dici: "Sono un fenomeno a letto". Questo è Marketing Diretto.

        2) Ti trovi ad una festa con un gruppo di amici e vedete un tipo molto affasci

      • Street art of Sao Paulo

        In 2011, graffiti artists were painting these pillars at the tube station in Santana when police arrived and arrested them. These works are by Chivitz and Binho Ribeiro, who were among the artists arrested.

      • Walking around São Paulo

        Found this on a run through a really nice neighborhood. Looks like someone contracted this on the gate around their houses.

      • Street art of Sao Paulo

        A group of graffiti artists based in Sao Paulo is changing the ephemeral nature of this street art. They have spray painted the walls of the Parque do Gato (Cat's Park) housing estate in the city centre. With support from local authorities they expect the graffiti to remain for a lo

      • Street-Art in São Paulo

        Tec is a street artist who loves to express himself in the streets of Sao Paulo by drawing on the road monsters and giant animals. Friendly creations, diverting codes road markings to be found in a selection of images in the future.

      • Lego bridge

        In October of last year street artist Megx converted a bridge in Wuppertal, Germany into a giant Lego structure using coloured panels that create the illusion of being the underside of Lego bricks. Although the panels aren't actually Lego bricks, this is an impressive piece of artwo

      • JR

        French photographer and artist JR's political street art began during the Paris riots of 2005. Angered by the way the areas involved were being presented in the media, he took photos of the residents pulling funny faces and flyposted them around the city.

        His passion-fill

      • The Glue Society

        It's so hot on Tamarara beach in Australia, that this ice cream truck melted! Ok, you got us, it's actually a brilliant street art sculpture, created by artists at The Glue Society.

        The installlation, titled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm, was displayed on the bea

      • Vhils

        Alexandre Farto, a.k.a. Vhils, is a street artist hailing from Portugal. He has become renowned for his murals, which he traditionally creates using stencils, chisels and drills - cutting either directly into walls or removing layers of advertising posters.

        To make the murals,

      • Miina Akkijyrkka

        Finnish sculptor Miina Akkijyrkka has a thing for cows. She scours her native country for used vehicles and turns them into these huge animal sculptures. The artist has been working her magic for an impressive 50 years.

      • Invader

        Frenchman Invader has been invading cities across the world with his perfect pixelated artwork for years now. He always completes his artwork behind a mask, so as to not give away his identity. This project, entitled 'Space Invaders', aims to invade cities all over the world wi

      • Kelly Goeller

        In the past, Kelly Goeller was part of New York-based animation studio KNeeon, which produces original content for advertising, television, music videos and film. Pixel art has come a long way in the past few years and Kelly took this as her opportunity to create this awesome piece entit

      • Mettici una Smart, un’app e degli slogan accattivanti

        Lanciato appena due mesi fa a Milano, car2go ha rivoluzionato il modo di noleggiare la macchina. Il meccanismo è semplice: dopo l’iscrizione (gratuita per i primi mesi) basta scaricare l’app sullo smartphone o sul tablet e, alla prima occasione utile, sapremo esattamente dove trovare l

      • “I heart my bike!” Fixed Gear entirely made out of Food

        Swedish still life photographer, Fabian Öhrn partnered with art director Joakim Hedblad to produce this awesome fixed gear made entirely out of food! There is not one element that is not a comestible ingredient. Here is the magic receipt: Leek, kolbaz sausages, regular spaghetti, Swedish

      • Pão “sem” Açúcar contra o diabetes
        Ação criada pela Lew’Lara\TBWA tem apoio institucional da Sociedade Brasileira de Diabetes e da Secretaria de Turismo do Rio de Janeiro

        Nesta quinta-feira, 14, uma ação de marketing mudará o nome de um dos principais pontos turísticos do Brasil. O Pão de Açúcar se transformará

      • Guerrilla Crochet

        It's official - crochet is not just for grannies! 'Guerilla crochet' has been causing a storm in recent years, with renegade street artists enveloping everyday street furniture in brightly coloured crochet loveliness.

        Trees, bikes, telephone boxes and lamposts h

      • Pavel Puhov

        Known as the 'Russian Banksy', street artist Pavel Puhov a.k.a. Pavel 183 or P-183, has been cooking up a political storm in his native country for around a decade. Like Banksy, the artist's identity is unknown, adding to the mystique surrounding him.

        The Moscow

      • Banksy

        The best known street artist across the world, Banksy's challenging, contrary and thought-provoking, stencil-based art has made a huge impact on both high and low culture.

        Hailing from Bristol, UK, the artist keeps his identity a secret, which has led to numerous rumours

      • Slinkachu

        Using characters from model train sets, Slinkachu's 'Little People Project' is a mixture of street art and photography. If you've had the pleasure of stumbling upon one of his odd little creations, you'll appreciate his humour and child-like imagination.
      • Julian Beever creates whole 3D worlds with just a pavement and some chalk

        There's nothing quite like walking along your local high street and coming across a whole new, 3D world - completely made of chalk. Many other chalk artists could have featured in this list, but above all it's Julian Beever's playful approach to the medium that has us in a

      • Beck's: Art in Progress

        British born, New York-based design studio Vault49 brought its inimitable style to this illustration-led campaign for Beck's beer. Reflecting a growing trend for production-line-style visuals that reflect the creation process - also noticeable in Nike's Reuse-a-Shoe campaign -

      • Neuroeconomia: A Grande Maioria das Decisões Tem Um Componente Emocional

        “Os seres humanos são criaturas emocionais e isso afeta a nossa tomada de decisão e a dos mercados. Também somos criaturas biológicas, temos necessidades e desejos que são movidos por fisiologia.” Paul Zak, neuroeconomista norte-americano.

        Considerado um dos fundadores da neur

      • Kibon faz papel de cupido em festas

        Pode ser difícil encontrar alguém na balada que tenha os mesmos gostos que você. Pensando em aproximar casais nas festas, a agência Router criou a ação “Cupidity Cornetto”, para o sorvete da Kibon.

        Na ativação realizada em diversas casas noturnas, o consumidor entrava em uma m

      • Apple logo gets a new treatment for today's big iPad event

        Apple pulls the wraps off a new poster to front today's event, which is believed to contain several big announcements - including new iPads and Macs.

        Today is a big day for Apple enthusiasts. In the next few hours, the technology giants will be announcing a whole host of

      • David de la Mano

        Spanish artist David de la Mano creates murals and street art with silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery, much like this beautiful blue whale piece.

        Much of his artwork is the result of a collaboration with fellow artist Pablo S. Herrero. The duo's striking p

      • Pez

        Street artist Pez (Spanish for fish) started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. Wanting to find a way to communicate and spread good vibes to the people of the city, Pez decided that his signature mark would be a fish character with a huge smile.

        Since then, the a

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