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      • Air Surfing in New York City

        To recreate that feeling of floating and lightness that we can feel after a perfect kiss, Raul Mandru and Mihai Botarel directed a beautiful stop-motion video in which a couple surf in the streets of New York. A sensitive and playful short-movie featuring bright and shimmering lights.
      • Skulls Artwork by Jacky Tsai

        Jacki Tsai is an artist very inspired by floral and colorful graphics. Here, he presents a series of skulls interpreted with a lot of creativity. A singular, folkloric and dark artwork.

      • World Biggest Billboard in Times Square

        The surface area of a football field. It is the size of the largest billboard in the world. Hosting in the night of Tuesday, November 18 at Times Square, this interactive screen has 8 floors high and contains 24 million leds.

      • 3D Auto Elasticity by Chris LaBrooy

        Here is a series of 3D illustrations created by the British artist Chris LaBrooy which we’ve already spoken about. Entitled “Tales of auto elasticity” and based on on the 2013 auto aerobics project, the context is inspired by Californian road trips through deserted baron lands.

      • Conceptual Latex Series

        It is interesting to observe the effect produced by the rubber when it mold the shape of items such as bags, miniature cars or bananas. This is actually the experience that made the photographer Marc Tule, by covering all types of objects with colored latex surfaces, giving a highly deta

      • 3D Artwork with Very Detailed Textures

        Based in New-York, David McLeod is a very talented artist when it’s about 3D renderings : he creates metallic, fur or wooden typographic creations, with graphics featuring ultra-detailed textures with a stunning precision.

      • Amazing Timelapse in Eastern Europe

        In the series of timelapses, here is a video dedicated to Eastern Europe and specifically Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. For nearly three minutes, the different point of views offer a stunning visual show with the beautiful colors of the sunset and the city lights twinkling. A

      • Black and White Portraits of Celebrities
        For Out Magazine and its 20th anniversary, creative duo Juco founded by Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud, took a series entitled "OUT100" which gathers black and white portraits representing the 100 most influential celebrities according to the LGBT Community. A long work made in collaboration w

      • The Lights of New York

        The talented photographer Vivienne Gucwa gives up us a poetic series of New York lights and colors. Photographs where the charm of the Big Apple changes with the seasons, where neon lights and sunrays illuminate snow-covered streets and parks sprinkled with leaves.

      • Curved Notebook Lines Reliefs
        In his notebook, the artist João Carvalho draws blue lines that he bends, stretches and twists to get illustrations with surprising relief effects. In this series, the artist proposes pop culture icons and optical illusions such as very realistic ripples and folds.

      • Homeland TV Shows As Jazz Vinyls Covers
        After the final of Tv show Homeland’s season 2, American graphic design studio Mattson Creative has decided to pay tribute to Carrie Mathison and Sergent Brody by making 12 vinyls’ covers inspired by a jazzy design. A series that takes the classic codes and updates them through modern culture’s refe

      • New Concert Hall in Germany
        To revitalize the Blaibach center, in Germany, architecture agency Peter Haimerl Architektur has built the new concert hall “Konzerthaus Blaibach”. The exterior structure emerges from the ground like a cube with an inclined orientation. The interior was thought with LED lights, thin iron chairs and

      • Tavira Hotel Extension
        Portuguese architecture agency Campos Costa Arquitectos has built an extension at the Tavira Hotel initially built by the two architects Barros Da Fonseca and Paiva Lopes in 1971 in the South of Portugal. The structure made of wooden beams was thought in order to preserve the strong identity of the

      • New Bicycle Art by Thomas Yang
        We had already spoke about him, The bike enthusiast and artist Thomas Yang come back with new print again and again in the glory of two wheels. This time, it comes with quotes from cycling lovers. Quotes that, once assembled, draw the outline of a bicycle and its rider who proudly pedal without hand

      • Bike Like a New Yorker
        Mother agency imagined this very successful campaign for bike-sharing program in New York called BikeNYC. Recalling the role of cycling in the city, this very successful series of posters encouraging locals and tourists to use this means of transport.

      • Street Art in Istanbul
        During a trip in Istanbul in Turkey, Pejac has combined his talents of street artist with the country oriental influences to paint moucharabiehs and mise en abyme of locks on the walls. The very fine and realistic outcome creates a real illusion.

      • The New Yorker Food Issue

        For the November issue of The New Yorker Food, artistic director of the newspaper, Christine Curry, appealed to the Italian artist Simone Massoni to make 10 drawings that illustrate the issue. A yellow note highlights each black and white drawings in a subtle way.

      • Adidas – Open All Winter

        To promote Adidas brand Stian Smestad directed a stunning spot: in the Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps, the video takes us into a snowstorm, where we only hear the wind blowing. We can alternately observe beautiful shots where athletes climb, cross and fly over the snowy mountains.
      • The Art of Ping Pong
        After a similar project in 2013 which raised funds for BBC Children in Need, Fivefootsix in partnership with Beach London invited this year twenty artists and illustrators for a new collaboration on the Ping-Pong design theme. Artists could give free rein to their imagination by reinventing this cla

      • Artistic Camouflage Photography
        Akatre is an art collective founded in 2007 in Paris by Valentin Abad, Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron. In this series, the artists work on camouflage concept and reinterpret it in a very creative way. Surreal portraits, makeup and monochrome, unexpected materials, dripping paint, an amazing an

      • Objects Turned Into Illustrations by Javier Perez
        Ecuadorian illustration Javier Pérez brings some joy in Instagram by playing with everyday things to draw and represent a scene. An Oreo turns into a terrestrial globe or a spinning vinyl ; a injection becomes a mosquito ; and Charlie Chaplin’s stick is actually a piece of staw.

      • Is Your Marketing Team Performing Like a Jazz Band?

        Jazz bands, like effective marketing teams, are tightly knit collectives of talent, known for their attention to detail and passion for their craft. Each member plays an integral role in the outcome; but, while each instrument has a beautiful sound all its own, it’s not until everyone is

      • 3D Artworks by Zhivko Terziivanov
        Deflect everyday objects to make them fun and graphics is the project of 3D artworks created by Zhivko Terziivanov. From a frying pas through a square wheel bike, the ultra colorful infographic works of this talented Bulgarian.

      • Celebrities Covered in Tattoos Part II

        We had already mentioned earlier this series of funny retouched pics imagining what world leader, celebrities and fictional characters look like if they were completely covered with tattoos. The American artist Chennye Randall come back with new guinea pigs.

      • Blue Note Augmented

        Elaborating on Blue Note Records, students Bertrand Lanthiez and David Cocciante of ESAG Penninghen, Paris (France) created an interactive experience mixing up Jazz, graphic design and augmented reality.

        Blue Note Records is an American jazz record label, established in 1939.

      • Electric Powered Wakeboard

        Swedish brand Radinn is revolutionizing the watersport industry by making possible autonomous wakeboarding. Sailing on water at high speed is possible with this electric powered board. It is manufactured in Sweden and featured a lightweight carbon fiber structure and functions as a stand

      • Split Screen of Paris vs New York

        While every major city in the world hold their own cultural particularities, many of them have huge common architectural point. This is the premise which has used the director Franck Matellini to make this split-screen video between Paris and New York to demonstrate his hypothesis. This

      • Hot Air Balloon Timelapse in Albuquerque

        For the annual edition of 2014 for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Knate Myers wanted to direct a timelapse, capturing hot air balloons flying in the air, in the middle of mountains and the sunset’s horizon. This event gathers more than 500 hot air balloons’ teams for 9 days. A beautiful

      • New Way To Serve Food
        Designer Ido Garini, founder of Studio Appetit, thought the collection “Luscious Food Cravings”, in collaboration with Dutch studio Lenneke Wispelwey : porcelain utensils in cones and peaks to present food. A food-glorification, captured through photos that remind us of still lives.

      • Surfing at 1000 Frames Per Second

        Directed and produced by Chris Bryan this video shows surfers in action. Rollers, incredible waves, jump and 360° rotation, the scenes are filmed in slow motion giving the opportunity to dissect the precise movements of these surfers, demonstrating their mastery and the intensity of this

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