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      • H a p p y N e w Y e a r !!!

        Dear Friend,

        we wish you a happy holy Christmas with your loved ones.

        2014 will tell which is a great story, your own!

        You'll write starting from the talents you have been given, by the knowledge of who you are and responsibility towards your task he

      • Harley Short Film
        Harley is the name of the short film directed by Tom Teller for its year at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. More than 200 hours of work for this creation narrating the complicated relationship between Harley, an ugly fish, and its new owner.

        Check out the video.
      • New York City Ballet
        The New York City Ballet presents New Beginnings: a video featuring Maria Kowroski and Ask the Court in the pas de deux After the Rain by Christopher Wheeldon on the terrace of Four World Trade Center in Manhattan. A sublime performance filmed at sunrise heralding a new beginning for the city.

      • Rio Time Lapse
        Hard not to want to go in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro after seeing this video. Entitled "Rio", this tour featuring the music of Jan Baumann aims to discover its most beautiful day in the city that will host the 2016 Olympic Games.

      • Sunset in São Paulo, Brazil.
        The photo is a split second at a time and in this particular millisecond may contain more poetry than in a whole day looking unnoticed passing unscathed by the poetics of everyday life.

      • Mandela Sculpture by Marco Cianfanelli
        The artist Marco Cianfanelli imagined last year this sculpture in honor of Nelson Mandela. A superb facility composed of 50 steel columns laser cut, drawing off the face of Madiba installed in KwaZulu-Natal, where he was arrested in 1963.

      • Head Fashion Photography
        Canadian photographer Martin Tremblay, aka LePinch, has created this striking series offers different models upside down. Each portrait is playing on the severity and helps highlight the looks of women, designed by Pascal & Jérémie.

      • The Most Expensive Christmas Present
        Which is the most expensive Christmas present in 2013? Surprisingly it’s a house. Situated on 12 E. 69th St in New York, the $114 million townhouse has its own cinema, luxurious Roman-style master bathroom (amongst several others), grand living room with 14-karat gold leaf and a kitchen which looks

      • Transylvania Off Road Competition
        A beautiful art direction and photo retouching for this campaign featuring bears and goats. A fun baseline: "Special thanks to our audience", the agency McCann Erickson Romania and clichés of the photographer Marius Samoila.

      • Abandoned Mine Transformed into a Museum
        Salina Turda is a former salt mine located in Romania in Transylvania which was transformed into a museum and recreation center. An impressive installation, unique atmosphere, furnished with talent.

      • Cube Series by Diana Farkas

        Hungarian artist Diána Farkas imagine these strange glass cubes, composed of various layers of colors. With a retro look, these creations student from Budapest are called “Yellow Submarine” or “Sun Goes Down”.

      • Tattooed Ferrari
        Focus on French artist Philippe Pasqua has recently unveiled this model of "Ferrari F430" whose body was completely covered with leather and then tattooed by him. Rendering exceptional!

      • Air France
        Poster advertising Air France Heels

      • Australia Post
        If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter!

      • Helmets Private Collection

        The French graphic design studio BMD present its private collection of helmets designed with resolutely old school influences. Between an American biker style, a certain chauvinism and typography inspired by the 1930s, the mix is very successful.

      • Amnesty – Not Here But Now Campaign

        Walker Agency reminds us of the extent to which human rights are violated on a daily basis in some countries. Wanting to shock residents of Zurich, 200 special posters were filed for Amnesty International in the Swiss city.

      • Ben Zank Photography

        Ben Zank is a New York photographer who himself as a subject, immortalizing himself in various situations and positions everyday. Strange, melancholic and sometimes surreal images that looks great to discover in a selection in the article.

      • Art of BMX

        Directed by JC Pieri for the magazine Art BMX, this video shot in Paris gives a superb image of BMX in the French capital. Starring Alain Massabova performing figures in important places of the city, this video mixing atmosphere and performance is to discover in the sequel.

      • 3D Printing Future Exhibition
        On October 8th took place the exhibition 3D : Printing the Future at the Science Museum in London. The opportunity was to discover the latest developments and achievements in the field of 3D printing, including through photos Oli Scarff.

      • Paper Ghetto Blaster
        Bartek Elsner realized for Mini Schweiz for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich this Ghetto Blaster giant paper. Made a very able creation to discover in the following image.

      • Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

        No matter if this is to illustrate a news story, a natural disaster or to highlight the testimony of victims of armed conflict, the Reuters news agency collects and distributes thousands of photos every year, taken on all continents. Terrifying, touching and intriguing images, that, for

      • Ruggero Le Piane Art Gallery

        With my art I didn't want to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.

      • RioSport Campaign

        The Brazilian agency Giovanni + DRAFTFCB has done for the sports center RioSport Fitness Club this print campaign very successful. With a baseline “Sport still lives inside you”, these creations can show that, despite a daily charge, each person can bring to the sport.

      • Durex Water Balloon

        Charlotte Rabate has created this unofficial advertising for Durex condoms. Produced by Chananun Chotrungroj this funny video called “Durex Water Balloon” shows on the music “Ca plane pour moi” of Sonic Youth a childish use of this means of contraception.

      • Louis Vuitton – Writing is a Journey

        This is the last film produced by Solab Pictures for the brand Louis Vuitton. Entitled “Writing is a journey”, this beautiful creation is a realization of Romain Chassaing music by Birkii us into the heart of inspiration and creation.

      • Vespalogy

        Vespa lovers, teams of Parisian creative agency Nomoon decided to spend a nice animated video in honor of the different models of Piaggio & Co. A nice retrospective from 1943 to 2013 called “Vespalogy” to discover in the future.

      • Fish Love Campaign

        Pour la campagne de Fish Love, un association qui critique les pratiques massives et illégales de la pêche, le photographe Denis Rouvre a photographié des célébrités telles que le couturier Kenzo, l’actrice Gillian Anderson ou encore Aure Atika totalement nues, accompagnées de poisseaux.

      • Brooklyn Brewery Mash

        To promote the Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash tour across USA, filmmakers Landon Van Soest and Paul Trillo created a stop motion tour of the borough using over 3000 still photos around New York and its wonderful places.

      • You Are What You Ride

        Cyclemon is a series of very successful posters imagining types of bike users. With these images “You Are What You Ride” going from the gangster to hipster through the runner, these beautiful creations by Romain Bourdieux & Thomas Pomarelle are to be be discovered in the article, acc

      • Reporters without Borders

        The last advertising campaign of Reporters Without Borders is once again a success. Launched on the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom, it staged leaders like Vladimir Putin or President Bashar Al Assad and summarized their policy towards press through very suggestive gestures at

      • Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split

        Here is the new advertising campaign for the Volvo Trucks brand conceived by the agency Forsman Bodenfors and directed by Andreas Nilsson. A plan made in one take, with the staging of the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme between two moving trucks to show the accuracy of the trajectory.

      • Holes

        This hard-hitting print ad campaiging against gun violence comes from advertising and marketing agency Grey New York. The campaign, which features three human targets, including a small baby, calls for an update to the USA's antiquated gun laws. The ad, commissioned by non-profit or

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