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      • Modern Renaissance Portraits

        After her What do you hyde? project, Argentine photographer Romina Ressia wanted to play with anachronic themes in several portraits series inspired by Renaissance’s paintings. Her series “Renaissance Brushstrokes”, “Renaissance Cubism” and “How would have been?” mix modern elements and

      • Mirror Houses in Italy

        Italian architect Peter Pichler has designed rent vacation’s house in the South of Tyrol region, near Bolzano, in Italy. The idea was to make bay windows’ facades that can reflect the view and the beauty of the landscape and mountains.

      • Best Red Bull Photos of The Year 2014

        No need to introduce RedBull. More than a brand, this entity organizes a dozen of unavoidable events throughout the year and goes with agility, from sport to sport in ever more incredible challenges. From motocross to surfing through the plunge.

      • Upside Down House in Siberia

        In Krasnoyarsk, Russia, an upside down house has been built as an insolite attraction in order to attract local residents or tourists. Everything is reversed and suspended like a nowhere place : the ground is actually the ceiling and vice-versa. A residence to discover through Ilya Naymu

      • World Leaders as Hipsters

        Painter Amit Shimoni mixes history and lifestyle in his series entitled “hipstory” by combining painted portraits of world leaders with the outfits and hairstyles the hipster youth of today. Colorful hat on the head of Che, Rayban on Gandhi.

      • For Self-Portraits Not Selfies Ad

        Ad agency Leo Burnett Switzerland has imagined three posters for the camera Samsung “NX mini” featuring a 3-inch flip-up screen. We can see Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo taking pictures of themselves, realizing their most famous self-portraits through the camera screen. With the slogan “For Se

      • Season's greetings

      • Swingrest by Daniel Pouzet

        “Swingrest” is a floating furniture item made by architect Daniel Pouzet for Dedon. With its design, it is an ideal object for having rest with serenity, escaping or having fun, hanging above water or put on the floor.

      • LEGO Ad for Christmas

        For the Christmas campaign, brand LEGO asked Canadian agency Brad to do a series of three posters representing LEGO used as substitutions in the real world and paying tribute to the imaginary worlds of children ; a dog’s nose finds itself replaced by a red brick or a yellow brick will be

      • Horsepower Spectacular Biking Video

        Cherry Creek is a small community within the interior region of British Columbia of Canada. The rider Brett Rheeder made his stake on the land creating a unique hay bale slope style course. Teaming up with Mind Spark Cinema, Brett brings you his latest video, “Horsepower”.

      • Negoziazioni 2.0

        Amazon, colosso dell’e-commerce, aumenta la sua competitività introducendo “Make an Offer”, una nuova funzione che consente agli utenti di negoziare con i venditori sul prezzo dei prodotti.

        Al momento quest’opzione è disponibile solamente negli Stati Uniti e su una serie limit

      • Eliasson Installations at Louis Vuitton Fondation

        For the second phase of its inaugural program, the Louis Vuitton Foundation presents a new exhibition entitled “Contact” accompanied by the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. A multi-faceted event that feeds the senses, explores “the relations between self, space, and the universe”

      • La strada per il successo? Creatività e tecnologia!

        La musica rispecchia la società e deve necessariamente essere al passo con i tempi: per combattere la crisi i musicisti scelgono videoclip musicali sempre più innovativi e all’avanguardia.

        Un esempio è il video della canzone “Knock Knock” dei Brunettes Shoot Blondes, un gruppo

      • A Room Turned into a Reflective Lake

        Artist Douglas Gordon has transformed the ground of the Park Avenue Armory into a giant reflective lake. The installation “Tears Become… Streams Become…” hosted French pianist Hélène Grimaud for ten performances in this aesthetic place by its symmetry. At the beginning of her performance

      • 2014 Best News Photos of The Year

        One year, and his 365 days, counts 1001 stories that stir the globe and its 5 continents without exceptions. At the end of the year, we need to draw conclusions, to return on the highlights of the international news.

      • Sky Garage in Singapore

        Reignwood Group in Beijing imagined for the luxurious residence Hamilton Scotts in Singapore, an elevator that allows the owner of each property to use a specially designed lift for cars. A new architectural touch, thought not without megalomania, so that the wealthiest can ensure the he

      • Church of Knarvik

        Architecture firm Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, based in Oslo, has designed the Church of Knarvik, by paying tribute to Scandinave architecture and churches’ heritage. The wooden interior, modern, minimalist and filled by neon lights allowing a very good lighting marries the atypical peak s

      • Vegetal Cathedral in Italy

        Italian artist Giuliano Mauri is passionate by nature and wood material. This passion lead him to build this amazing vegetal cathedral. With the help of planted and cultivated trees, elements such as trunk and branches, the artist constructed a structure composed by 42 columns, giving fo

      • Afghan Restaurant in Australia

        The design of Afghan restaurant Parwana Kutchi Deli is born thanks to the collaboration between Graham Charbonneau from Studio-Gram and art directors working at Mash. With shades of blue, beautiful alcoves, Afghan icons’ cliches and street-food tones, this 45m2 spot, located in Adelaide,

      • Christmas Tree Cloud
        Like the previous years, artists from Kaunas have thought about creating an exceptional christmas tree. A creative tradition that continues, especially with this new luminous tree : a magic cloud decorated by a dozen of contemporary angels sculptures.

      • Toronto Skyline

        Here is a beautiful timelapse directed by the American photographer Ryan Emond. “Toronto Skyline Porn” is described as a visual journey through the air of the Canadian city and its huge buildings. Scenes were shot with a GoPro mounted on a drone DJI Phantom 2 and a Canon 5DM3.

      • Rainy Cityscape Photography

        Eduard Gordeev is a talented photographer based in St. Petersburg. The artist captures artistic photos of cityscapes in the rain. The resulting images are atmospheric and gives an impression of the effects of acrylic paints. These urban streets and architectures totally soaked seem myste

      • New-York Light On by Franck Bohbot

        Franck Bohbot always surprise us with his stunning photographs series. In this one, the photographer focused on luminous signs of bars, restaurants and shops of New York city. From the little street to the big avenue, the photographer immerses us in a nocturnal and singular world.

      • Amazing Panoramic Pool

        The “Swimming Pool K” is a panoramic pool designed by Belgian architects dmvA Architecten in the city of Grimbergen. This pool is located on the roof of an old school for boys from the XVIIth century, creating a contrast between a classical architecture and a modern pool.

      • Christmas Windows for PRINTEMPS
        Tom Hangomat is a French illustrator based in Paris. His latest creation is the work for Printemps stores in collaboration with the Burberry clothing brand. With the help of his friends Theo Guignard, Bruno Mangyoku and Johan Papin, Tom has created all the Christmas windows of the famous store. Find

      • Haute Couture Collection Dolls
        It’s for Vogue Paris that Giampaolo Sgura fashion photographer have made this series of fashion dolls with their panoply of clothing and accessories. Each dolls represents a famous maison de haute couture like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

      • Swimmers Photography
        For Kinfolk magazine, photographer Mark Sanders has realized a series of photos devoted to swimmers and called “Turning point : a guide to flipping”. In a pool, this series shows the majestic movements and positions of the divers through very beautiful angles all in depth or height.

      • Portraits Made With Anamorphosis Installations

        It’s surprising to notice that these portraits are made with anamorphosis installations of various items. Each details is carefully placed according to the perspective, the shape and the color. Some amazing famous portraits made by french artist Bernard Pras.

      • Little Mermaid House

        “The Seashell House” (or “Casa Caracol”) is one of the beautiful houses proposed for renting on the site Airbnb. Located in Isla Mujeres in Mexico and for 186€ per night, it features two bedrooms to host four people dived in a submarine universe into the heart of a white seashell, for a

      • Paris Time Lapse

        Here is a selection of 2 video time lapse, with the city of Paris. A very successful production of Seventh Movement about Place de la Concorde, Tour Eiffel, Centre Georges Pompidou and Musée du Louvre.

      • The Secret Life of Heroes
        Characters from pop culture also have dark secrets and private life that it’s finally possible to discover through a series of paintings made by Grégoire Guillemin. Inspired by Lichtenstein Pop Art style, he reveals the behind the scenes through a very graphic and colorful series.

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