Street art of Sao Paulo 

A group of graffiti artists based in Sao Paulo is changing the ephemeral nature of this street art. They have spray painted the walls of the Parque do Gato (Cat's Park) housing estate in the city centre. With support from local authorities they expect the graffiti to remain for a longer period.

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Street-Art in S„o Paulo 

Tec is a street artist who loves to express himself in the streets of Sao Paulo by drawing on the road monsters and giant animals. Friendly creations, diverting codes road markings to be found in a selection of images in the future.

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Lego bridge 

In October of last year street artist Megx converted a bridge in Wuppertal, Germany into a giant Lego structure using coloured panels that create the illusion of being the underside of Lego bricks. Although the panels aren't actually Lego bricks, this is an impressive piece of artwork that we think would fool anyone!

The bridge itself is part of the Wuppertal Bewegung e.V., an old train line that has been converted to a pedestrian and cycle path. What a lovely thing to witness on your ride to work.

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French photographer and artist JR's political street art began during the Paris riots of 2005. Angered by the way the areas involved were being presented in the media, he took photos of the residents pulling funny faces and flyposted them around the city.

His passion-filled, often didactic artwork has since appeared in deprived areas aross the world, from the suburbs of Paris to the shantytowns of Rio. He's also been arrested in China, and in 2011 was awarded the TED prize, worth $100,000.

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The Glue Society 

It's so hot on Tamarara beach in Australia, that this ice cream truck melted! Ok, you got us, it's actually a brilliant street art sculpture, created by artists at The Glue Society.

The installlation, titled Hot With The Chance of Late Storm, was displayed on the beach during the opening of the 10th annual Sculpture By The Sea exhibition back in 2006.

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