You Are What You Ride 

Cyclemon is a series of very successful posters imagining types of bike users. With these images “You Are What You Ride” going from the gangster to hipster through the runner, these beautiful creations by Romain Bourdieux & Thomas Pomarelle are to be be discovered in the article, accompanied by an animated video.

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Reporters without Borders 

The last advertising campaign of Reporters Without Borders is once again a success. Launched on the occasion of the World Day of Press Freedom, it staged leaders like Vladimir Putin or President Bashar Al Assad and summarized their policy towards press through very suggestive gestures attitude.

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Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split 

Here is the new advertising campaign for the Volvo Trucks brand conceived by the agency Forsman Bodenfors and directed by Andreas Nilsson. A plan made in one take, with the staging of the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme between two moving trucks to show the accuracy of the trajectory.

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This hard-hitting print ad campaiging against gun violence comes from advertising and marketing agency Grey New York. The campaign, which features three human targets, including a small baby, calls for an update to the USA's antiquated gun laws. The ad, commissioned by non-profit organisation States United to Prevent Gun Violence, features the tagline 'Bullets leave bigger holes than you think'.

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Electro Recycling Robot 

Look! A robot poos electronic stuff! Ha ha! But really, this print advertising campaign from Euro RSCG is a tongue-in-cheek execution of quite a serious issue (electronic recycling). You may be wondering how an excreting robot is relevant but it all becomes clear with the tag line, 'potty train your e-waste'.

The artistic direction is simple yet effective. The font at the bottom of this print ad is also big enough to entice the reader's attention and ensure the message has firmly been executed.

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