Revisited Classical Paintings by Blase 

Based in Paris, Nicolas Saulnier known as Blase is an artist who spent a lot of time finding classical old abandoned canvas. On his precious finds, he adds his personal touch by painting modern and surprising elements with an identical pictorial style : as an exemple he can paint a red nose on a dandy, dress an innocent little girl with Supreme cap or transform a nude into Wonder-Woman.

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Champagne G.H. Mumm: Clouds 

Champagne G.H. Mumm served on ice.

The red ribbon is THE symbol of the brand, as it was established on the bottle label since the 18į century. It is called "cordon rouge" in french (literraly red ribbon) and this symbol is really famous for french people as this champagne brand is oftenly called "cordon rouge" instead of its real name. People automatically recall the brand this "cordon rouge".

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Enogarage: Wine glass invitation 

The best sommelier leam to taste the best boutique wine in Argentina.

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Creative Illustrations With Real Objects 

Kristian Mensa is a 17-year-old illustrator from Czech Republic. In his last collection of illustrations he mixes, with humour, strokes of pen or strokes of paintbrush with daily objects and foodstuffs which are convoluted of its initial function to another one and be a part of the drawing.

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Amazing Floating Bar in Fiji 

Cloud 9 is a unique bar concept. Itís like a floating platform of a 100 persons capacity, anchored in the middle of the Pacific Ocean bordering Fidji, offshore of Australia. It offers possibility to moor your boat to enjoy a refreshment in a environment bored by turquoise and transparent water.

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