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Marc Jacobs Jack of all Shades 
martedì, 13 novembre, 2012, 17:12 - E-buzzing

Marc Jacobs' staff knows how to use shockvertising to make people talk about the brand. Here's a brand new spot that was posted on YouTube yesterday. What the hell is this guy doing?
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PETA: Firm & Fresh 
mercoledì, 7 novembre, 2012, 16:51 - Viral marketing

PETA loves to shock, that we know. If they don’t use famous supermodels such as Joanna Krupa or Elisabetta Canalis, they try to shock with other ideas, such as the famous ‘Death Bet’ from Berghs School of Communication. But this time, it’s different, and pretty disgusting..
“Increase your sexual stamina, go vegan”
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martedì, 6 novembre, 2012, 13:41 - Guerrilla marketing

To promote MTV Pranked Show, a program that showcases homemade pranks filmed by young people, they attached a man to a pillar in the center of Belgrade, as if it was the result of a last night's prank!
Passers-by were quite surprised and shared images of the taped guy on social networks. The buzz generated more than 100'000 euros of media coverage!
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Mini vibrating bench 
lunedì, 5 novembre, 2012, 10:14 - Guerrilla marketing

Great stunt idea by Mini in Geneva during the Motor Show this year. To present to new MINI countryman they installed a special vibrating bench in the streets. Every time someone seated on the bench, a MINI showed up behind them and when the driver pressed the accelerator pedal the bench started vibrating! Quite surprising!
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SMART always on time 
domenica, 4 novembre, 2012, 13:10 - Guerrilla marketing

For the launch of the iPhone 5 in France this weekend, Smart had a smart idea. Indeed the first person who got the new smartphone in France was sponsored by Smart. He was waiting in line wearing a branded t-shirt and carrying a sign saying: "there are appointments that you just can't miss, park on time with Smart". The stunt got a huge media coverage.
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