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Clocks Collection Inspired by Old Vinyls Records 
giovedì, 30 luglio, 2015, 23:40 - Generale

Ukrainian designer Nick Ponomarenko just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a mural clocks’ collection. For certain people, the vinyl is only made to be used on turntables but for this designer, the vinyl can can create a useful object like clocks. His ambition was to give another function and a second life to this vintage object. There is only one month left to support this project on Kickstarter.
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Volkswagen Amarok: Luxury meets Labour 
mercoledì, 29 luglio, 2015, 22:43 - Generale

Luxury meets labour. The Amarok.
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Old English: Wine 
martedì, 28 luglio, 2015, 23:31 - Generale

Stains kill.
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Krug: Graydon Carter 
lunedì, 27 luglio, 2015, 21:59 - Generale

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Dom Pérignon Redesigned by Iris van Herpen 
domenica, 26 luglio, 2015, 11:33 - Generale

For a limited edition, Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen redesigned the visual identity of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2004 on the metamorphosis and time’s thematics. She dressed the package and the bottle with organic green and black patterns inspired by cocoons. She also imagined a piece “über-premium” called “Cocoonase”. A creation to discover in images and through a Daniel Sannwald’s spot.

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